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Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

Massachusetts car insurance law is based on a no-fault system. This means even if you were at fault or negligent in causing the car accident, you’re still entitled to have your medical bills and lost wages paid through Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, for short. This mandatory auto insurance allows people to get their car […]

slip and fall snow

Because of our climate here in New England, slips and falls on snow and ice are quite common. Generally, these cases are claims for negligence against a snow plow company, property owner, or other potentially responsible party. The burden is on the injury victim to show that the party responsible for snow and ice removal where […]

Do you have a fireplace? If so, are you planning to put up your holiday decorations soon? If so, be careful! Just because Santa can fall down the chimney, does not mean you should too! Chimneys can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Keep reading for more safety tips and what you can do to […]

Workers' Compensation form

Workers compensation is a system that provides financial protection to employees who are injured on the job. It’s not just for construction workers, factory workers, and miners anymore. More than ever before, white collar jobs are becoming physical in nature. If you’re at risk of injury because of your profession, it may be worth looking […]

consultations with a lawyer

Insurance companies are similar to a two-faced snake. They claim to be on the victim’s side until the victim becomes an “inconvenience” to them. They hire negotiators whose sole purpose is to shake down victims and manipulate the situation to save themselves a few dollars. Here are 4 ways insurance companies rip victims off: An […]

accident in a warehouse

Accidents at work happen more often than we might think, and some of the most common ones are slips, trips, and falls. These accidents can lead to various injuries, from small cuts and bruises to more serious ones like hurting your head or back. Knowing what to do if you get hurt at work is […]

car accident victim sitting by car

Not Filing a Police Report Filing a police report is essential in maintaining a strong case. By providing documentation of the accident, the police report allows for an unbiased third-party account of the incident. It legitimizes the claim the victim has, while also providing effectual evidence in comparison to hearsay from either the victim or […]


Nearly each and every attorney in Boston that handles personal injury cases offers potential clients a free consultation. This allows a victim of a personal injury accident to interview different attorneys without incurring any out-of-pocket cost. It is an opportunity therefore for the accident victim to get free legal insight as to whether or not […]

Insurance companies like to play games with innocent injury victims. Don’t fall for their tricks and traps. Here are seven insider secrets insurance adjusters don’t want you to know about. When Insurance companies tell you that their offer is final, they are not telling you the truth. Nearly every adjuster can get additional settlement authority […]

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When it comes to accident claims, being careful is essential- and the wrong move could wreck your accident claim. As an attorney who’s been representing personal injury victims for nearly two decades-I’ve become accustomed to how the game works in cases like these, known as the 5 Deadly Sins. To begin, the first deadly sin […]