Free VIP Program

The community has been so good to us. That is why we here at the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers believe in doing everything we can to say thank you by doing our small part to to lift up our community. Our office is focused on giving back, rather than taking. We believe in not only providing free, useful information to injury victims, but we also want to give exclusive VIP access to a select number of clients. We do this through our VIP Program.

Here is what our free and exclusive VIP membership program gives you:

Free Contract Review

If you need a contract reviewed, we can help with that. If it turns our your particular legal situation requires it, we can refer you to an attorney that can provide additional legal assistance.

Free Insurance Contract Review

Contracts are full of legalese, so they can be pretty confusing if you are not used to reading them. Personal injury law has many different types of contracts. Once an injury occurs, it is crucial to find out what types of insurance coverage are available, as well as the amount of the available coverage. We would be pleased to provide an insurance contract review for you, completely free of charge. If you have other contracts you have that you would like reviewed, we are happy to review those as well. If your contracts require a referral to another attorney to review, then we can put you in the right hands with one of our trusted referral attorneys in our network.

Free Notary Service

Sometimes important documents need to be notarized. Don’t wait at the bank on a long long. Make your life easy and come to us for your notary needs. If you need a document notarized, we would be happy to notarize it for you, free of charge. Reduce the stress and come to us for free for all your notary needs. Plus, you won’t have it wait in line like you do at the bank!

Free 10 Minute Consultation

Legal issues and questions crop up for everyone from time to time. Regardless of the type of legal situation you are dealing with, we would be happy to sit down with you in order to explore what your rights may be. If the matter falls outside of our areas of practice, then we can refer you to an appropriate attorney. Although our sole and only focus is personal injury, we have a very wide swath of attorneys in our network. Surely we have someone in our network that we can refer you to for your specific legal needs.

We make signing up for our VIP program very, very easy. Call us at 617-444-7777, or email me at if you would like to be enrolled into our VIP Program. Membership is completely free, and it comes with some awesome advantages. Spots in this program are limited so don’t wait, act today by calling and getting your free VIP membership started.