Testimonials From Clients and Attorneys


“Christopher thanks very much!! !! You helped us to change our life!! I will always remember you!!!” – Maria G.


“I hired Chris for a dog bite incident. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. No need to call anyone else, he’s the best there is.” – Matt O.


“I’ve been a experienced litigator for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with multiple attorneys. Attorney Chris, as he is called. Has demonstrated that he is a sincere lawyer who cares very much about his clients. He diligently works to get the best results for all his clients. He represented my wife on a dog bite case and got her the best compensation for her injury. Because of what I witnessed while Chris handled my wife’s case. I called him when I was in a car accident to represent me. His staff also sincerely cares about Chris’s clients and are very professional and competent. I recommend the law office of Christopher Early to anyone with a personal injury case. Trust and believe that if you have Chris on your case. The results will certainly be pleasing to you. Thank you Chris and God bless you. Your a blessing.” – Everett S.


“Chris was extremely helpful and supportive with my family over the duration of my father’s case. He has remained a beacon of hope at a time where my father was going through a rough patch. Chris has been able to be a consistent and reliable attorney that my dad and the rest of the family cannot express how thankful we are of his efforts. His hard work and motivating attitude have shown us not only how successful he is as a lawyer, but how much of a great human being Chris is”. – Ryan N.


“After a lot of stress and a terrible situation in my life, Chris pulled through. He was there every step of the way and incredibly responsive to my questions, worries, and options. It was a long process and Chris was easy to work with. He’s a good person to have on your side in a legal battle and will take his time to make sure you’re comfortable. Thanks for your help, Chris! It’s been a great learning experience and I can finally move on with more confidence!” – Sara D.


“Christopher was awesome helping me resolve my slip and fall case. He made it as stress free as possible given my circumstances. I am very happy with the services and will be sure to refer him to friends and family!” – Xiomara D.


“Chris is truly dedicated to catering to his clients and is 100% committed to ensuring his clients are always well taken care of. He is never too busy to return client calls and this is essential to keeping clients content with legal services. I would recommend his services to anyone and will refer my own family and friends to him going forward.” – Allie R.


“I had a great experience with Christopher and would recommend him to any family in need. He kept me in the loop with everything going on with our case and was able to get my family what we deserved.” – Michelle L.


“I couldn’t be happier with this amazing law firm. Chris has been very helpful and courteous. He really does right by us clients.” – Lorraine C.


“The Law Office of Christopher Earley took on my mothers case after her slip and fall. We had gone to countless attorneys who did not want to take the time to pursue her case. After speaking to a family relative, we were directed to Mr. Earley, who worked countless, religious, hours to ensure my mom got the justice (& money) she deserved. From the very beginning, he was attentive, caring and persistent. He never let us down, even when we felt that nothing would come of it. He remained positive and hopeful and for that we recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail. We want to thank his law office for all that they do, it has been GREATLY appreciated!!!” – Jessica T.


“The best experience I’ve ever had with a lawyer who cares genuinely about your case and goes above and beyond to do his best and makes sure you understand everything that’s going on step by step. I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Christopher Earley.” – Tonya M.


“Christopher and his office were really helpful. They were explaining everything that they were doing. And i will really recommend this office for any legal advise you need.” – Norma Z.


“I was vehicularly assaulted last December while crossing the crosswalk as a pedestrian. Because I was rushed to the hospital via ambulance, I didn’t realize that neither the police nor my vehicular assailant left her insurance information on the police report. I’m glad I got Erica Marzella from the Law Office of Christopher Earley to track down that information and fight on my behalf! My medical, dental, physical and occupational therapy bills related to this vehicular assault have been paid by her auto insurance. Erica was also able to negotiate a great cash settlement which I never expected nor would have gotten if I went through this process by myself!” – James C.


“Chris was excellent in every sense of the word! He made my life so much easier after I was a victim of an auto accident. I hope that never happens again, but I would call him immediately if it did!” – Julie P.


“Highly satisfied with my experience. Chris was a very caring professional and also informative. He was thorough with his work and made sure I understood every step along the way. Chris would educate me on what to expect, what the outcome could be, and he achieved it. I highly recommend Christopher Earley as a personal injury and workers compensation lawyer!” – Molly B.


“Very good service and they help you with your problem. They work with you and are very proficient in what they do. I recommend this law firm 110%.” – Tamara A.


“Working with Christopher on my case was absolutely perfect. Christopher went out of his way to make the experience following my accident trauma as easy as possible. I provided him and his staff with what was needed and everything was taken care of with absolutely no inconvenience or hassle. Both Christopher and his staff were very polite and easy to contact and communicate with. I have had bad luck in the past with working with lawyers who do not have my best interest. I will always work with and confide in Christopher in the future in regards to his arena of law. This was an outstanding experience with which I would repeat again without question. Thank you Christopher! Excellent work!” – Courtney L.


“This law office is simply amazing. I got hit by a car and they were very supportive with everything not only with just the accident but with myself as a whole. They are amazing people and got me more than I was expecting. I would recommend them to anyone who gets into accidents.” – Mike W.


“Christopher Early is amazing . Very open ,and straigh forward . Always trying to do the best by his client. Also he is always available to talk to, if not at the moment when you call he makes sure that he returns your call or email same day . It is very easy to work with people like this. We need more Christopher Earley’s in the world!!! Thank you !!!” – Lajla L.


“Mr. Earley was very helpful and knew exactly what needed to be done at every step in this process. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of a great lawyer.” – James C.


“After an unexpected freak injury I had a hard time finding someone to help be my voice in this legal fight. Chris has been that and more. His staff have been super helpful as well, coming to my home when I could not come to the office. He has been very informative and easy to reach. I feel like I am in good hands. Although it is not resolved yet I would still reccomend his services if anyone needs someone to fight for them.” – Rhoshaunda W.


“Attorney Chris Earley is a colleague of mine who is my go-to attorney for personal injury and related cases. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his industry, as well as very easy to talk to. I first met Chris when I was starting my own practice. I went to him asking for his professional advice not only as an attorney but as a business professional. Since that first conversation, Chris has become a person I trust not only with client referrals but also with my own friends and family. I unequivocally recommend Chris Earley as an attorney, but most importantly, as a human being.” – Julie T.


“Very patient and calm. Figures out what you really need and sends you to the right source if needed. Thank you Chris!” – Pierre S.


“Client focus, great customer service. Chris is very helpful and he will do his best to assist you, or find someone who can. I recommend him.” – Emmanuel G.


“Very good and smart ! Good experience from me , friendly staff that help you a lot.” – Eliany F.


“Great Communication! Always respond quickly. Makes sure you understand everything before making a final decision. I hope I don’t need him in the future but I know who to contact or to recommend.” – Lindsey R.


“Chris a talented and professional attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients and a credit to the legal profession.” – Joshua R.


“Chris worked with my mom after a minor car accident and was not only professional, smart and wonderful to work with but made my mom feel comfortable and relaxed through the entire process.” – Jill S.


“Man was this guy patient, professional and just overall great!!!! I was in a different state but he referred me to someone in NH to help. I am at my wits end after breaking my neck and dislocating my hip on the ice at my apartment. He LISTENED.” – Gail F.


“Chris stood by me through the whole process. He was always there to answer any questions I had.  Even after the case was complete I had an issue with a bank and he also helped me out. Very stand up man.”


“[t]he best lawyer I ever had well worth my money he got me what he thought was a good amount of money and fought tooth and nail for me.  I would use him anytime I need a good lawyer”


“I hired Attorney Earley in June 2008 for a car accident case where I was hit from behind. He is a very kind and understanding man that walked me through the whole process and changed my negative view of lawyers. If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy lawyer, you can’t go wrong with Chris Earley.”


“Chris handled my slip and fall injury. The only other time I had used a lawyer was in a divorce. When I fell, I Googled a personal injury lawyer. I didn’t want to use one of the several lawyers “as seen on TV”. In my internet search, I found Christopher Earley. I read all the reviews and, based on all the positive reviews, I called. I wasn’t disappointed. When I called, I actually got to talk to Attorney Earley, who promptly told me to call him Chris. I told him my situation and he explained to me what he could do for me, how the process works and what I should expect. Two sentences into the conversation, I felt more like I was talking to a friend than speaking with a lawyer. He told me what information he needed and we did all of our corresponding via telephone, email and mail. I didn’t have to travel from Central Mass to Boston. Needless to say, he won my case. The process was professional and worry free. He kept me informed every step of the way. I never had to wonder if anything was happening with the case. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“I worked with Christopher on a personal injury case regarding a bicycle accident. The only information I managed to gather at the time of the accident was the name and phone number of the other party. Christopher did an excellent job in solving the case in just four months and kept me well informed the whole way through. Also a very warm and honest person to work with. Highly recommend the service of Christopher Earley!”


Contact us today if you need help with your Massachusetts car accident, slip and fall, workers compensation, or other personal injury case.  The call is free.  We can help you.


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