Our Core Values

5-Star Client Service, All Day Everyday

For us, providing the very best customer service to all people we serve is our highest priority. We strive each day to find new ways to deliver the very best customer service. The hundreds of 5-star reviews we have online reflects the constant effort we put into giving our clients the very best experience possible.

Hard Working

We work hard each day because hard work is really important to us. I have always worked hard and I only hire people who share this same exact value. We as a team dedicate ourselves to putting our heads down and truly working hard for each and every client we serve. We earn our clients’ hard-earned trust by always being a law firm they can count on to do the right thing.

Good Communication

Our office believes good communication is critical for every successful attorney/client relationship. To accomplish this we keep clients informed about their injury case each step of the way.

We Don’t Play Games

We believe in being honest and transparent with each other, and with our clients. We respect each other and our clients, but we do not accept ever any type of abusive behavior of any type. We tell the truth always.

Giving Back to the Community

We believe we have an obligation to help our community since they have been so good to us. That is why we have partnered with different organizations around Boston that are helping to lift up those in our community that most need it.

Food bank

During COVID-19 we donated to a local Hingham restaurant group in order to financially help their staff who were not able to work due to the pandemic.

Eat Well

Also during COVID-19 we were involved in collecting and distributing diapers and baby wipes to the City of Chelsea which was greatly impacted by the pandemic.

baby wipes

My family recently delivered a large shipment of pizzas and deserts to Father Bill’s Homeless Shelter in Quincy and the kids had a blast doing it. A few days later the kids assembled and delivered care packages to first responders.

pizzas shipment care packages

We also gave away Stop & Shop gift cards in a random drawing to help those struggling during COVID-19 to put food on the table.

gift cards

Sponsoring and Supporting Local Organizations

Hingham Little League

We proudly sponsor Hingham Little League. We believe all young people should have the necessary equipment and resources to play youth baseball. I played baseball when I was younger and now my son plays. We love supporting this great organization.

Hingham Pride Project

No one should ever be treated differently based on their sexual orientation. That is why we got behind the Hingham Pride Project to help support all the good they do in the community.

Hingham Girls Softball

As a father of a young girl, I know just how important sports are for kids. That is why we proudly sponsor Hingham Girls Softball. So proud!