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3 Reasons Why You Should Claim Workers Compensation



Workers compensation is a system that provides financial protection to employees who are injured on the job. It’s not just for construction workers, factory workers, and miners anymore. More than ever before, white collar jobs are becoming physical in nature. If you’re at risk of injury because of your profession, it may be worth looking into what benefits come with Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance coverage which can cover medical bills and lost wages if something does happen to you while on the job.

  1. Workers Compensation is your legal right
    1. Almost all workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. You are covered no matter how many hours you work per week or how your employer pays you. You are covered even if you are paid in cash “under the table.”. You are covered even if you are a volunteer or work for no pay, if the injury or illness occurs on the job
  2. It can provide you income while you are recovering from work-related injuries
    1. Workers Compensation can provide you with payment of medical bills related to the health problem (even if you do not miss work).As well as pay that you lost because of the health problem. Finally, a reasonable cost of travel to and from medical visits.
  3. Workers Compensation is a form of insurance
    1. Once you have notified your employer, the Workers’ Compensation insurance company will send you a claim number. Tell your doctor that your health problem is work-related. Give your doctor the insurance company information as soon as you receive it. Your doctor will bill the insurance company. You will not have to pay. The insurance company for Workers’ Compensation is a different company from your regular medical insurance or MassHealth, etc. Workers’ Compensation system is a separate system from regular medical insurance.

Workers Compensation is a form of insurance that provides you with income while recovering from work-related injuries. It can also provide benefits for employees who are unable to return to their job due to the injury sustained on the job, and it may cover medical expenses not covered by your employer’s health care plan or other government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. The law requires employers in Massachusetts to have workers compensation coverage if they employ one person full time or more than five part time people at any point during a week where there is no school. As an employee, filing a claim for Worker’s Compensation has many benefits including being able to get paid when you’re injured, having legal representation should something go wrong, and being eligible for additional disability. If you would like to learn more about workers compensation please contact us at 617-338-7400. 

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