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What happens if I get bit by a dog in Massachusetts?
Everyone loves a good fuzzy friend, especially dogs. With over 300 breeds of dogs, it’s a no-brainer that there is a kind of dog for every kind of person. In Massachusetts, about 29 percent of the household population owns a dog.  In order to protect victims from damage or injuries caused by a dog, Massachusetts has a strict statute governing liability; Massachusetts General Laws c.140 s.155. In most cases, the dog owner will be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused by their dog. 

A dog owner in Massachusetts is required by law to restrain and control their pet in order to protect both the dog and those around them. Whether the dog owner is legally on private property or on public grounds, they could still be held accountable. If a dog was not properly restrained on a leash while on the owner’s property or if the owner knew the dog had a violent nature, the owner may be liable for injuries suffered by others.

Additionally, you might be entitled to compensation for harm you sustained while attempting to flee as well as from the bite or attack itself.This frequently occurs when bikers who are attacked are thrown to the ground and suffer fractures or sprains. In an effort to escape an attacking dog, some people have also fled into traffic and been hit by an oncoming car. Successful dog attack lawsuits must demonstrate that the defendant is either the dog’s owner or the person in charge of looking after it. However, the wounded party must once more demonstrate that there was no trespassing and that they were not taunting or abusing the dog.

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¿Qué ocurre si un perro me muerde en Massachusetts?
Todo el mundo quiere a un buen amigo peludo, especialmente a los perros. Con más de 300 razas de perros, es obvio que hay un tipo de perro para cada tipo de persona. En Massachusetts, alrededor del 29 por ciento de la población tiene un perro.  Para proteger a las víctimas de los daños o lesiones causados por un perro, Massachusetts cuenta con un estatuto estricto que regula la responsabilidad; Massachusetts General Laws c.140 s.155. En la mayoría de los casos, el propietario del perro será responsable de cualquier lesión o daño causado por su perro. 

La ley exige que el propietario de un perro en Massachusetts sujete y controle a su mascota a fin de proteger tanto al perro como a quienes lo rodean. Independientemente de que el propietario del perro se encuentre legalmente en una propiedad privada o en un terreno público, puede ser considerado responsable. Si un perro no estaba bien sujeto con una correa mientras estaba en la propiedad del dueño o si el dueño sabía que el perro tenía un carácter violento, el dueño puede ser responsable de las lesiones sufridas por otros.

Además, usted puede tener derecho a una indemnización por los daños sufridos al intentar huir, así como por la mordedura o el ataque en sí.Esto ocurre con frecuencia cuando los motoristas que son atacados son arrojados al suelo y sufren fracturas o esguinces. En un esfuerzo por escapar de un perro atacante, algunas personas también han huido hacia el tráfico y han sido atropelladas por un coche que venía en dirección contraria. Para que una demanda por ataque de perro tenga éxito es necesario demostrar que el demandado es el dueño del perro o la persona encargada de cuidarlo. Sin embargo, la parte herida debe demostrar una vez más que no hubo allanamiento de morada y que no se estaba burlando o maltratando al perro.

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Cómo presentar una reclamación de indemnización laboral
La compensación laboral en Massachusetts es un compromiso entre los trabajadores y los empleadores. Este marco legal se encuentra en M.G.L. c. 152. Cuando los trabajadores de Massachusetts se lesionan en el trabajo, tienen derecho a que se les paguen las facturas médicas. También tienen derecho a que se les pague por sus salarios perdidos. Dicha indemnización se paga incluso sin demostrar la culpabilidad del trabajador. A cambio, los trabajadores no pueden demandar a sus empleadores por negligencia ante los tribunales.

Según el Departamento de Accidentes Laborales de Massachusetts, debe presentar una reclamación de indemnización por accidente de trabajo ante el Departamento de Accidentes Laborales (DIA), para lo cual necesitará tener la siguiente información

  1. La fecha de la lesión o enfermedad (o del fallecimiento si un dependiente solicita las prestaciones)
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If you’ve been in an accident, an insurance adjuster will most likely contact you. Besides being nice to you, the adjuster will want you to sign a medical authorization form. This will allow the insurance company to obtain not only medical records related to the accident, but also medical records that predate the accident. You don’t have to sign this document.

The adjuster has no legal authority to require you to sign ANY medical authorization form. All she wants to do is to use these pre-accident records against you. She will argue that the injuries you claim to have suffered in this accident are pre-existing.

The insurance adjuster’s main goal is to get your case settled as quickly as possible before you get a chance to even consult with an attorney. This happens all the time to unsuspecting people. The insurance adjuster will pressure you to sign a release which will end the case. The release is an official legal document. It is a contract. It is an agreement which states in exchange for the insurance company paying you a sum of money, the case will be closed, forever.

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Los dueños de negocios deben mantener sus instalaciones seguras, para evitar negligentemente que los visitantes legales de la propiedad puedan resultar lesionados. Si la negligencia del dueño de una propiedad hace que alguien se resbale y se caiga, esa persona puede potencialmente presentar un reclamo o una demanda contra el dueño de la propiedad.

No hay forma de evitar completamente estos reclamos si posee una propiedad. Sin embargo, hay formas de reducir el número de peligros potenciales que pueden causar lesiones personales que dan lugar a estas reclamaciones por accidentes. Éstos son algunos de ellos:

  1. Asegúrese siempre de realizar chequeos periódicos y regulares para comprobar que no hay presencia de fugas o derrames;
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If you have been injured in an accident, slip and fall, or dog bite– you are most likely going to need an attorney to assist you with your case.  A lawyer is a necessity when it comes to serious injuries, and even better, most personal injury attorneys only get paid if they win your case or get you a settlement.  Nearly every attorney in America handles accident claims on a contingency fee basis. Many people wonder if it makes sense to pay a lawyer 1/3 of the settlement. Studies show that even after the lawyer is paid his/ her 1/3 fee, you still will receive more money than if you had handled the case on your own. 

Specifically, The Insurance Research Council found that car accident victims received a settlement roughly 3.5 times higher than they would have received had they not had an attorney on the case. Plus, besides getting you a FAIR settlement, the attorney can make sure all other matters are taken care of such as handling all paperwork, dealing with the insurance company, and negotiating a settlement for you. Also, a qualified and experienced lawyer can help you sleep at night since you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by the insurance company. When you have a medical problem, you don’t try to practice medicine on yourself. 

Similarly, if you have a legal problem, such as being the victim of an accident, you don’t practice law and represent yourself. Get legal help today for your case from an experienced, honest, and aggressive attorney. The legal process is one you should never dabble in. In addition, an attorney provides peace of mind. It is tough enough dealing with the physical and emotional issues of an accident. Not having legal help on your side can make the entire situation even worse. You can rest assured when you have an attorney going to bat for you.

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With the arrival of winter weather, it’s important to take stock of your car and its safety features. Blizzards and ice storms can make driving treacherous, so it’s important to be prepared. Here are some tips for keeping your car safe in New England winters.

  1. Adaptive headlights: Headlights that adapt and rotate to light in the direction you turn can come with either a rotating headlight system or cornering lights. They snap on when turning left, right – it’s great for any car driving during winter weather!
  2. Forward collision warning and emergency braking: This technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors and lasers to detect hazards including stopped vehicles in the road. The anti-lock braking system is employed when danger appears imminent so that you can stop quickly without losing valuable time or causing an accident with other drivers who don’t have this safety feature on their cars too.
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1.No presentar un informe policial

La presentación de un informe policial es esencial para mantener un caso sólido. Al proporcionar la documentación del accidente, el informe policial permite un relato imparcial del incidente por parte de un tercero. Legitima la reclamación de la víctima, a la vez que proporciona pruebas efectivas en comparación con los rumores de la víctima o del demandante.

2.No buscar atención médica

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1. Not Filing a Police Report

  • Filing a police report is essential in maintaining a strong case. By providing documentation of the accident, the police report allows for an unbiased third-party account of the incident. It legitimizes the claim the victim has, while also providing effectual evidence in comparison to hearsay from either the victim or the plaintiff.

2. Not Seeking Medical Attention

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Casi todos los abogados en Boston que manejan casos de lesiones personales ofrecen a los clientes potenciales una consulta gratuita. Esto permite a una víctima de un accidente de lesiones personales para entrevistar a diferentes abogados sin incurrir en ningún costo de bolsillo. Por lo tanto, es una oportunidad para que la víctima del accidente obtenga una visión legal gratuita sobre si tiene o no una reclamación legítima que vale la pena perseguir.

Pero, ¿qué sucede exactamente durante una consulta gratuita con un abogado de lesiones personales de Boston? 

Por lo general, en la oficina del abogado, usted se reunirá con el abogado, o un asistente para el abogado, o incluso un asistente legal para el abogado. La persona con la que se reúna comenzará a preguntarle algunos antecedentes específicos sobre usted.

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