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3 Common Mistakes MVA (motor vehicle accident) Victims Make


1. Not Filing a Police Report

  • Filing a police report is essential in maintaining a strong case. By providing documentation of the accident, the police report allows for an unbiased third-party account of the incident. It legitimizes the claim the victim has, while also providing effectual evidence in comparison to hearsay from either the victim or the plaintiff.

2. Not Seeking Medical Attention

  • Any injury can be a serious one. When injured in an accident, it’s essential that the victim seek medical attention immediately. The doctor will most likely give orders of continued care and modification of activities. This will not only help the victim heal correctly, but also help in maintaining a medical record. Without a medical record, it will become more difficult to prove the injuries sustained and  will negatively affect the outcome of the case. 

3. Filing a claim without legal representation

  • Choosing legal representation rather than advocating alone can make the biggest difference in whether the claim will be a successful settlement or not. Personal injury attorneys are there to aid in guiding the victim through the process and presenting valid arguments on behalf of them. Hiring legal representation is also important because it can prevent the victim from being preyed upon by greedy insurance companies. 

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