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How Insurance Companies Rip You Off



Insurance companies are similar to a two-faced snake. They claim to be on the victim’s side until the victim becomes an “inconvenience” to them. They hire negotiators whose sole purpose is to shake down victims and manipulate the situation to save themselves a few dollars. Here are 4 ways insurance companies rip victims off:

  1. An insurance company will use your words against you. Assume anything you say to a representative of an insurer is being recorded and analyzed for them, so it’s important not only what information we share but also how that comes across in the conversation with our adjusters following accidents or claims.. When speaking with someone who has been hired as either an adjuster (the person looking at damages) estimator(someone determining value), lawyer etc., make sure they know everything about their job before starting any discussion – this could save oneself time later down the road! For starters: never assume anything. 
  2. Insurers love to throw out false accusations in an attempt at scaring you into submission. They might claim that their offer is final, or worse yet–they may even threaten your driver’s license! But don’t let them get away with it; just remember what is commonly said: “If they lie about one thing, then there are two more lies waiting around the corner.”
  3. It’s not that insurance companies are evil, it’s just the way they work. They have a lot of power and if you lose your paperwork or get transferred to another adjuster then there will be nothing for them to do about any lost time until after the statute expires so why wait? Insurance people typically lowball their claim estimates in order to make sure more money goes into insurer pockets without risking anything themselves which means less risk from YOUR end too!
  4. The insurance company’s favorite technique is “the fishing expedition,” where they send you paperwork with instructions on how to sign and get paid from them. This can be risky if not carefully considered, so do NOT sign any documents without talking through your options first! A personal injury attorney will provide much more insight into what type of case might be right for you as well as financial assistance in compensation should it meet those needs- but only after thoroughly reviewing all offers received by both parties involved (and making sure that each meets certain criteria).


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