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I frequently say to my clients that insurance companies are in the business of making money and collecting premiums as opposed to paying money out to deserving claimants. Insurance adjusters are trained by the insurance company to use common defenses in response to a claim that is presented. The following are some of those common claim defenses that are used by insurance company adjusters to fight back and resist paying fair value for fair and legitimate car accident claims.

The first common defense used by car insurance companies is to claim that there was little or no property damage sustained to the vehicles involved in the collision. This is perhaps the most popular car accident claim defense used by car insurance companies. Their argument is essentially that injury to a person inside the vehicle is unlikely when there is a very small degree or extent of damage sustained to the vehicle.

Therefore, they claim that it’s unlikely that a personal injury could reasonably follow from such a low-impact accident. Typically, we will argue in that situation that lack of property damage does not correlate to lack of bodily injury harm to the person inside. The basis for that argument is that the occupant of the vehicle absorbs most of the damage as opposed to the vehicle itself.

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Nosotros, aquí en la oficina de abogado de Christopher Earley, hemos estado bastante ocupados las últimas semanas resolviendo con éxito, los casos de nuestros clientes. Nuestro enfoque siempre ha sido y sigue siendo, representar los heridos y sus familias. Aquí hay algunas descripciones breves de algunos acuerdos recientes que hemos podido lograr para nuestros clientes hasta ahora en 2021.

Acuerdo 1

Representamos a una persona que resultó gravemente herida en un ciclomotor. Nuestro cliente, mientras operaba su ciclomotor, estaba intentando girar a la derecha y el vehículo culpable venía en la dirección opuesta al intentar girar a la izquierda en una intersección. El automóvil no vio a nuestro cliente en su ciclomotor y, por lo tanto, golpeó a nuestro cliente causándole graves lesiones corporales. Nuestro cliente necesitaba someterse a un tratamiento médico extenso para abordar las lesiones del accidente.

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We here at the law office of Christopher Earley, have been rather busy the past few weeks in successfully resolving cases for our clients. Our focus has always been and remains, representing only the injured and their families. Here are some brief descriptions of some recent settlements we have been able to achieve for our clients thus far in 2021.

Settlement 1

We represent an individual who was seriously injured on a moped. Our client, while operating his moped, was attempting to turn right, and the at-fault vehicle was coming in the opposite direction in attempting to turn left at an intersection. The automobile did not see our client on his moped and therefore struck our client causing him serious bodily injuries. Our client needed to undergo extensive medical treatment to address his injuries from the accident.

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Cosas que nunca debe hacer después de un accidente automovilístico en Massachusetts

Nadie quiere experimentar la frustración y el dolor que a menudo acompañan a una colisión de vehículos motorizados. En esta situación, es realmente importante no sólo saber qué hacer, sino también saber qué no hacer. Aquí hay algunas cosas que debe tener en cuenta si tiene la desgracia de verse involucrado en un accidente automovilístico en Massachusetts.

Tenga en cuenta que nunca querrá decirle nada al otro conductor después de la colisión. Es posible que intente entablar un diálogo contigo, pero en este punto, es mejor evitar cualquier tipo de comunicación. La razón de esto es que cualquier cosa que le diga al otro conductor podría ser malinterpretado en un momento posterior por una compañía de seguros y / o un abogado, por lo tanto, es mejor simplemente no decirle nada al otro conductor.

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Things You Should Never Do After A Workers’ Compensation Accident

Many, many people in Massachusetts will suffer an on-the-job injury at one point or another. When that happens, it triggers Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation protections for the injured worker. It is vital for the injured worker to take the necessary steps to protect him or herself legally following a work injury. But it is equally important to avoid making certain mistakes that can seriously affect an injured worker’s rights to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Here are three things not to do following an on-the-job injury in Massachusetts.

boston workers compensation lawyer
You Don’t Have To Go To The Insurance Company’s Doctors

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Can An Undocumented Worker File a Personal Injury Claim?

There are many undocumented workers in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these people work in occupations which are inherently dangerous. That means, with great frequency, these individuals are subjected to the risk of serious personal injuries. Many of these injured individuals believe that they are not allowed to file a claim because of their immigration status. However, regardless of their immigration status, they may and have the right to file a claim for personal injuries.

Frequently, our office represents individuals who have been injured on the job that are undocumented cash employees. Regardless of how the work accident occurred, these individuals have no less rights to Workers’ Compensation benefits than those workers who are, in fact, documented workers.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Massachusetts Slip And Fall Law Questions

Massachusetts personal injury law encompasses a wide array of accident cases. By far, the most common type of personal injury accident is a motor vehicle accident. Also, extremely prevalent are industrial accidents oftentimes referred to as Workers’ Compensation accidents. Slip and fall accidents, as well, comprise a large proportion of accident cases in Massachusetts. These cases can often be very complex and challenging to the victim of the accident. Here are some answers to frequently asked Massachusetts slip and fall law questions.

How long do I have to file a claim?:

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Answers to Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law Frequently Asked Questions

As a Workers’ Compensation attorney in Massachusetts, my office represents those who have been injured on the job. Many of these injury victims have questions relating to what their rights are following an accident at work. The following are some answers to some frequently asked questions that I typically field each and every day. While by no means exhaustive, the following questions are those that typically arise on the part of those that are injured on the job.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

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Massachusetts Personal Injury FAQs

For those that are not familiar with Massachusetts personal injury law, it can be, at times, a very confusing subject. Besides providing legal services to our clients, our office also believes in sharing free legal information. The following are some answers to frequently asked questions relating to Massachusetts personal injury laws. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it does cover many areas of personal injury law in Massachusetts.

How long do I have to file a claim?

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Can my personal injury attorney settle my case without my consent?

Many people who have experienced an accident caused by negligence, end up hiring a personal injury lawyer for legal representation. That is almost always a good decision to make because by hiring an attorney for your accident case, you’ll be assured that your rights are fully protected and that you will get the best possible resolution for your claim.

Your attorney must operate within certain ethical boundaries that are set forth by the state. These ethical duties are very strict and numerous. First and foremost, an attorney is an advocate for a client. The attorney must operate and make decisions for a case that are fully for the benefit of the client.

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