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Just because Santa can fall down the chimney, does not mean you should too!

Do you have a fireplace? If so, are you planning to put up your holiday decorations soon? If so, be careful! Just because Santa can fall down the chimney, does not mean you should too! Chimneys can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Keep reading for more safety tips and what you can do to stay safe this holiday season. As the temperatures continue to drop in Massachusetts, your fireplace or woodstove is more likely to get some heavy usage.  Stay safe and reduce the risk of fire and injury with these Massachusetts fireplace and wood stove safety tips.

First, Creosote will accumulate in your chimney and may catch fire. Cleaning your chimney will remove these deposits. This should be done at the beginning of each season. With heavy usage, it may need to be done more frequently. There are also some creosote sweeping logs that may help clean. Secondly, the wood you burn will affect the air quality in your home. Only burn the appropriate type of hardwood. Never burn any pressure-treated wood or veneer wood (such as parts of old furniture). The chemicals in wood actually produce toxic fumes. Finally, teach your children to stay away from fireplaces and wood stoves. Educate them about the danger of fire. Be sure to state how far they should keep themselves and their belongings away from the fireplace or wood stove area. 

Enjoy your holiday season, and manage your fire equipment well. If you or someone you know was injured, contact our office for more information regarding how to proceed. 

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