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What Do Boston Workers Compensation Lawyers Do?

What Do Boston Workers Compensation Lawyers Do?
Massachusetts workers compensation laws protect injured workers in the event of an accident at work. These laws provide for the payment of medical bills as well as payment for lost wages to an employee who experiences a personal injury on-the-job. Each and every employer in Massachusetts is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. When presented with a claim, workers’ compensation insurance companies either accept the claim or they deny the claim.
When they deny a claim, a workers compensation attorney in Boston can assist an injured worker. When the insurance company denies payment for medical bills and/or payment for the employee’s lost wages while he’s unable to work, the attorney can file a claim in court contesting the denial. The appropriate court in which Workers Compensation claims are filed is at the Department of Industrial Accidents. For example, suppose that you slip and fall on the job, and you are injured as a result. You may be unable to work, and as well, you may be receiving medical treatment for your injuries. The fact that you were injured while working triggers workers’ compensation protection to you. However, many, many times, insurance companies deny perfectly valid and legitimate claims.
In Massachusetts, a workers comp  lawyer will file a claim seeking benefits for you at the Department of Industrial Accidents. The first step in the process is a conciliation. A conciliation is an informal proceeding between your workers’ compensation attorney as well as with the attorney for the workers’ compensation insurance company. The conciliator will speak to both attorneys and find out whether or not the claim can be settled. If the claim is not settled, the claim is then sent forward to conference. A conference is a formal legal proceeding before a judge.
Both your workers comp. attorney, as well as the attorney for the insurance company, will present oral arguments as well as evidence to a judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents. The judge, within a few days, will issue an order either approving the claim or denying the claim. If either party wishes to appeal the conference order, they may do so. Once an appeal is filed, the next judicial step in the legal process is called the hearing. A hearing is akin to a full trial before a judge. There is no jury. It is the judge who decides whether or not the issue decided at the conference stage will be overturned or will be upheld.
This legal process at the Department of Industrial Accidents is very specialized and requires the assistance and experience that only an attorney can bring. It is an unwise venture to attempt to navigate the judicial process alone. A workers’ compensation attorney in Boston can assist with making sure your claim is handled properly and effectively. Workers’ compensation attorneys also frequently settle claims for their clients. When a settlement is reached, that is called a lump sum settlement. If the lump sum settlement is settled with liability, that means the insurance company agrees to pay for all future medical treatment that the injured worker sustains for the work injury. If the lump sum settlement is settled without liability, that means the insurance company is not required to pay for future medical treatment related to the original work injury.
If you find yourself dealing with a worker’s compensation claim, it makes good sense to consult with an attorney in Boston that handles workers’ compensation matters so that you are fully appraised of all legal rights that may be available to you. Make sure you contact the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers today for your free consultation. As well, be sure to check out our series of books entitled The Truth Series. One book in The Truth Series collection is called The Truth About Massachusetts Workers Compensation Access that I encourage you to read, which hopefully will help you make the best possible decisions for your case.

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