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Massachusetts Workmans Compensation Conciliation

Massachusetts Workmans Compensation Conciliation

What To Expect At Conciliation

Oftentimes Massachusetts workers compensation claims are disputed by insurance companies.  When workers compensation claims are disputed the court that handles these matters is the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.
The first step in this dispute process is the Massachusetts workmans compensation Conciliation.  If you have a Massachusetts workmans compensation attorney, then he/she will attend the Conciliation for you.  If you don’t have an attorney, then you must attend the Conciliation or your case will be dismissed.
Massachusetts workmans compensation Conciliation
If you have an upcoming Conciliation and you don’t have an attorney, I suggest you at least consult with one.  The reason is the workers compensation insurance company will be sending a lawyer to present their case.
This lawyer will be experienced and looking to make sure your rights are denied or limited as much as possible.  Always keep in mind insurance companies are for-profit companies that like to make money, rather then pay injured workers if they can avoid it.

What Happens After Conciliation?

At the Conciliation the court Conciliator will hear the presentations of both sides to determine if the claim should be sent forward to Conference.  If sent to Conference it is a judge, rather than a Conciliator, that will hear the case.  The Conference isn’t usually held 3-4 months after the Conciliation.

Workmans Compensation Lawyer Christopher Earley

Do not let the insurance company strip away your rights.  Contact Massachusetts workmans comp lawyer Christopher Earley today for your guaranteed free, no obligation consultation if you have questions about the Massachusetts workmans compensation Conciliation process.

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