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Boston Personal Injury Lawyers

Boston Personal Injury Lawyers

How much is your personal injury case worth?

As Boston personal injury attorneys, one of the most common question we are asked is: How much is my personal injury case worth?  Answering this question is more of an art than a science.
The value of a Massachusetts personal injury case depends on many different factors. While each case is different, there are some general guidelines have used when valuing a personal injury claim, and here are some of them.
Please note this analysis does not apply to workers compensation cases, but rather only to personal injury cases.
Boston personal injury attorneys

Can Liability Be Established?

Before any case value analysis can begin, you must be able to show the other party is liable to you.  If it is a car accident, did the other driver negligently strike your car, or was the accident your fault?  If it is a slip and fall, did the property owner fail to reasonably maintain the property? Or was the fall entirely your fault?  These are important questions that must be answered when Boston personal injury attorneys put a settlement value on a case.

What Type of Injuries Were Sustained?

Generally, the more serious the injury, the more the case is worth.  If it is a case with soft tissue injuries and the injuries healed within a few months of the accident, then the case will likely yield a modest settlement.  If however there were broken bones and the need for surgery, then case can have potential six-figure value.
If there was any type of permanent scarring or disfigurement then the case could be worth a great deal more.  Generally speaking, if the injuries are permanent, the case value will be quite high.

Is There A Claim For Lost Wages?

The amount of lost wages incurred due to the accident is another factor that is looked at.  If the amount of lost wages is small it will not have much of an impact on settlement.  If however there are a great deal of past lost wages, and future wages anticipated to be lost, then that will heavily increase the settlement value of a case.

Are There Any Liens?

Liens are something that Boston personal injury lawyers deal with on almost every case. A personal injury lien is a financial interest on an eventual settlement asserted by a third-party.
It may be a health insurance lien, or lien asserted by Mass Health, or Medicare.  The higher the lien the more it will increase the settlement value of your case

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At the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers we welcome the opportunity to work on your case.  If you are wondering how much your personal injury case may be worth, call us today and we’d be happy to talk about it.

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