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When A Personal Injury Settlement Offer Is Too Low

When A Personal Injury Settlement Offer Is Too Low
It is no secret that insurance companies try to limit the amount of money they pay out in personal injury settlements. Because of that, it helps to have a personal injury lawyer that can help you even the playing field with the insurance company. Sometimes, even when you have legal representation on your side, the insurance company may still attempt to make a less-than- fair settlement offer for your case. When that occurs, you have some options.
One option would be to file a lawsuit for the injures and losses you sustained. For example, if you had a car accident and the insurance company makes you or your attorney a low ball settlement offer, a lawsuit can be filed.
If a lawsuit needs to be filed, it really should be filed by an attorney that handles car accident claims so that the necessary and proper legal procedures are followed. The lawsuit would need to be timely filed within the statute of limitations, in the proper court, and must demand compensation for all damages that were caused to you due to the crash. This applies not only to car wreck cases, but to all personal injury cases such as bicycle accidents, pedestrians getting hit by cars, truck accidents, etc.
The other option would be to accept the low offer and settle this case. However, this choice is a poor one because by choosing this option, you are absolutely going to be leaving money on the table. Insurance companies only offer fair value value when they are pressured to so. Lawsuits provide this pressure and should be utilized when a personal injury settlement offer is too low.
Keep in mind with workers compensation cases in Massachusetts, you cannot file a lawsuit if a settlement offer is too low. These disputes are handled by a specific court called the Department of Industrial Accidents.

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If you find yourself with a low settlement offer (or no offer at all) it pays to at least consult with a personal injury attorney that could assess your case and inform you as to what your case is actually worth. Contact us today for your free consultation to get started.

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