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What Damages Can I Collect For a Dog Bite?

What Damages Can I Collect For a Dog Bite?
It is almost unbelievable just how many people are bitten and attacked by dogs each year.  Roughly 4.5 – 4.6 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year.  Most of these unlucky people suffer personal injuries in this accidents.   Many, understandably, want to file a claim for the damages they suffered from the bite/attack.  There are a number of damages that flow from dog bites.  Damages are basically losses caused by the incident.  Here are some common damages that can be recovered from dog bite cases in Massachusetts.
what damages can I collect for a dog bite?
Payment For Medical Bills
Any medical bills incurred become part of the damages that are pursued in these cases.  Frequently, ambulance transport, hospital visits, visits to a primary care doctor, as well as the cost of medications can add up quickly.  Pursuing reimbursement for all of the medical bills caused by the bite/attack is a common type of damage sought with these cases.
Payment for Pain and Suffering
Pain and suffering is just that.  All the personal injuries and mental pain and agony you went through stemming from the attack.  The more severe the damage, the more likely it is that significant pain and suffering will result.  Oftentimes, trauma and a fear of dogs stays with the victim for years after the attack.  That too is part of the pain and suffering component for these types of cases.
Payment For Scarring
These attacks can lead permanent damage.  Frequently scarring and disfigurement results from these cases.  These injuries serve as permanent reminders of the attack.  The settlement value for scarring from a dog bite depends on the type of scar, location on the body, size and color, gender, and age, of the victim.
Lost Wages
If the attack caused you to miss time from work, your lost wages too can be part of the case.  As long as a doctor took you out of work, and you can establish that you missed time from work, then you can collect lost wages from a dog bite attack.
Regardless of the type of size of your dog bite case, I encourage you to contact the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your rights. It is important to have qualified and experienced representation on your side so that you collect full and and fair compensation for your dog bite accident.

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