Settlement For Minor Injured At Daycare Center

Our office recently successfully settled a case for a client for a confidential amount. Our client, a minor, suffered a fractured femur (thigh bone). This is the largest bone in the human body.

Our client’s mother dropped off our client at a daycare facility, and the child was happy and fine. When she picked her up at the end of the day, her child was in obvious physical pain and discomfort. She took her child to the hospital where the child was diagnosed with a fractured thigh bone. Surgery was ultimately not necessary, and the child had a good physical recovery from her personal injuries suffered in the accident.

A claim was made against the day care for negligent supervision of the child. The day care’s insurance company stepped in to handle the claim. The claim presented was investigated and negotiations began between the insurance company and the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers. After extensive negotiations, the claim settled without the need for litigation.

Boston Child Injury Law Firm

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