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Recent Personal Injury Case Settlements

Recent Personal Injury Case Settlements
The Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Christopher Earley have been successfully settling personal injury claims for our clients for the past 15 years. Recently, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we still have been able to successfully settle our clients’ injury claims. Here is a sampling of some cases we have settled in the past few weeks for our clients.
Our client, a college student, was injured on an MBTA trolley. During the course of his ride on the trolley, there was a malfunction on the trolley, causing our client to sustain personal injuries. Specifically, he sustained a scarring injury. He needed to take an ambulance to a hospital, where he was treated for his scarring injury. He received some stitches and was thereafter released from treatment. We began negotiations with the MBTA Legal Department and were able to successfully settle our client’s case for a confidential sum.
In another case, our client was shopping at a well-known supermarket. While walking in the produce department, she was caused to slip and fall on lettuce that was on the floor. She immediately felt pain in her shoulder and knee and reported the incident to the store. She presented for medical treatment and underwent an extensive course of orthopedic, as well as physical therapy treatment. Our personal injury attorneys engaged the supermarket’s insurance company and settlement negotiations, and after extensive back-and-forth negotiations, the claim would ultimately settle for a confidential sum.
In another case, our client, an elderly woman, slipped and fell on snow and ice in a parking lot where she lives. From this fall, she sustained a meniscal tear injury to her knee. A demand package was sent to the insurance companies for both the property owner, as well as the snow removal company. After back-and-forth negotiations, the claim ultimately settled, whereby each insurance company contributed towards a confidential settlement for our client’s injury claim.
In another case, our client was traveling in her motor vehicle with her daughter. Their motor vehicle was negligently struck by another vehicle. This impact caused both our clients to sustain soft tissue injuries from the collision. Our clients ended up getting to receive medical treatment to address their injuries. A demand package was sent to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and after swift negotiations, the parties were able to successfully settle both of our clients’ claims stemming from that car accident.
Please contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley if you are in need of the services of a local personal injury attorney. We always provide free consultations and would be happy to evaluate your case and let you know up front whether or not you’ll be able to help with your case. Please call us today to get started at 617-338-7400.

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