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Recent Boston Personal Injury Claim Settlements

Recent Boston Personal Injury Claim Settlements
Recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Boston personal injury lawyers have been able to successfully settle our clients’ claims. While the practice of law has definitely changed during the pandemic, we find that technology is allowing us to successfully move our clients’ cases toward successful resolutions. Insurance companies, like always, are interested in resolving cases and moving them toward settlement. Here is a sample of some recent claims we’ve been able to resolve for our clients.
We were able to resolve a slip and fall on snow and ice case for one of our clients. Our client, a lovely woman, was injured while walking on a sidewalk in Boston. She slipped and fell on snow and ice and sustained serious injuries to her back. We filed a claim against the abutting storefront owner as well as the tenant that occupied the storefront. After much back and forth and extensive negotiations, we were able to resolve our client’s slip and fall claim with each insurance company paying a confidential amount toward the ultimate settlement.
We recently were able to settle a wrongful death claim for a client. This was a very sad and tragic accident in which our client was killed in a motor vehicle accident. A wrongful death claim was filed with the insurance company, and the claim ultimately settled without the need for litigation for the full policy limits. We were able to substantially reduce a mass health lien that was filed against the estate for the decedent. This case settled for a confidential amount.
We also settled a personal injury case for a college student. Our client was operating an electric scooter down Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay section of Boston. While operating the scooter, he was unfortunately struck by a motor vehicle. This accident resulted in very serious injuries for our client, including injuries to his lung, which required immediate hospitalization. The insurance company aggressively argued that its driver was not responsible for causing the accident. However, after extensive and thorough negotiations, we were able to resolve our client’s case amicably with the insurance company for a confidential amount.
We also settled a case for a client who was injured at a daycare facility. Our client, who is just a toddler (14-months of age) was at a daycare center when his right foot became wedged in-between two objects resulting in a fracture. The fracture healed without the necessity of surgery. The claim was ultimately settled for a confidential amount with the insurance company for the daycare center involved.
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