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Boston Slips and Falls on Snow And Ice Information

Boston Slips and Falls on Snow And Ice Information
Massachusetts, and most of the country, is currently experiencing a record cold spell.  Yesterday in Boston, we set a record low temperature.  With cold temperatures, comes snow and ice.  That means that people will predictably fall and injure themselves during the winter months.
As a Boston personal injury law firm, we handle many cases involving falls on snow and ice.  Slips and falls on snow and ice are governed by Massachusetts premises liability law.
I have noticed through the years some common situations in which Massachusetts snow and ice falls commonly arise.  Here are a couple of them.
Massachusetts snow and ice falls

Slips and Falls On Snow and Ice In Parking Lots

Parking lot slips and falls on snow and ice are quite common.  A frequent situation is someone falling while walking to, or from a store, and slipping and falling in the parking lot.  In this situation there are different parties to pursue for negligence.
First is the snow removal company contracted to clear the parking lot.  Second is the owner of the parking lot.  Third is the tenant of the parking lot owner.  These commercial tenants can sometimes be liable if they contractually agreed with the parking lot owner to be in charge of making sure the parking lot is safe for pedestrians and cars.
If any three of these parties failed to reasonably remove snow and ice from a parking lot, then can potentially be held liable.  Many times workers compensation accidents arise from slips and falls on snow and/or ice in the employer’s parking lot.

Slips and Falls on Snow and Ice On Rental Properties

These are another common type of Massachusetts snow and ice slip and fall accident.  They can happen to tenants, and too guests as well.  Under Massachusetts law, landlords are required to remove snow and ice from walkways and staircases.
The landlord is required to reasonably remove snow and ice from these areas of the property.  Failure to do so can give rise to a claim for negligence.

Boston Law Firm for Massachusetts Snow and Ice Falls

We have a long and successful track record of substantial settlements on Massachusetts slip and fall snow and ice fall claims.  If you had the misfortune of one of these accidents, I encourage you to contact us today to get started on your case.  The Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers always offers completely free, no-obligation consultations.  We only get paid if your personal injury case settles.

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