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How Much Do Massachusetts Automobile Accident Attorneys Charge?

How Much Do Massachusetts Automobile Accident Attorneys Charge?
Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a highly stressful experience. There are many things that can follow a car accident that can significantly disrupt one’s life. For example, if there were any personal injuries suffered in the accident, medical visits may become necessary. In addition, lost time from work may also come into play triggering lost wages as a result. As well, many different expenses can arise, such as co-payments for medical visits, charges for medical supplies, etc. People in a situation like that are concerned about incurring more financial losses. Many such people consider hiring a Massachusetts automobile accident attorney; however, they are concerned about how much it will cost to hire one.
That is a valid consideration because many people believe that attorneys are very expensive to hire. However, car accident attorneys in Massachusetts do not get paid by the hour. In addition, these attorneys do not charge any type of retainer fees to hire one. Rather, these attorneys, as well as all personal injury attorneys in Massachusetts, charge what is called the contingency fee. A contingency fee is a percentage of the recovery. For example, suppose you’re involved in a car wreck, and you sustain injuries such as a neck strain or a back strain. In that situation, you’d be wise to hire an attorney that handles car accidents to help you.
If the attorney you hire is able to successfully settle the case, for example, for $6,000, the attorney will only get paid a percentage of the fee. If the case settles for $6,000, and the contingency fee percentage is 33%, the attorney will collect a $2,000 fee with the remaining $4,000 going to. The contingency is always a percentage, which fluctuates with Massachusetts personal injury cases between 33% to 40%. Similarly, if you are involved in a slip and fall accident, and the case settles for $45,000, based on a contingency fee of 33.3%, the attorney will collect a $15,000 fee with $30,000 going into your pocket. This contingency fee system is great because it allows people of all economic levels to hire an attorney following an accident case.
Additionally, this system provides that the attorney will, as part of the representation for the injury victim, advance all case expenses. These expenses can span the range of hundreds to even thousands of dollars. These expenses are generally incurred for obtaining a client’s medical record or copies of medical bills, as well as court filing fee costs, as well as the costs of a deposition transcript. Therefore, once a personal injury case settles in Massachusetts, the attorney will take his contingency fee percentage, plus any expenses he advances during the case. Therefore, if you are involved in a Massachusetts automobile car accident, you don’t have to worry about being able to financially afford an attorney.
All Massachusetts car wreck attorneys before they can represent a client must have a client execute what is called the contingency fee agreement. This is essentially a written contract between the attorney and the client that spells out the scope of the representation and specifically will mention the amount of the percentage the attorney will collect as part of the contingency fee once the case settles. The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct require that any and all contingency fee agreements be reduced to writing. Keep in mind these fee agreements are contracts. That means either party, either the attorney or the client can exit the agreement at any time. In fact, neither party, to the agreement, needs a reason to exit the agreement if they wish to leave.
However, if the case is already in litigation, the attorney will be required before he can withdraw to obtain a judge’s approval allowing him to get out of the case. If you have any further questions regarding personal injury or car accident law in Massachusetts, call the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers at 617-444-7777 for your free consultation.

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