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How Can I Avoid Getting Sued For A Personal Injury Accident?

How Can I Avoid Getting Sued For A Personal Injury Accident?
Personal injury lawsuits are civil lawsuits that are intended to seek compensation due to negligence. When someone is injured due to negligence, they oftentimes can incur financial loses as well as pain and suffering. Lawsuits for personal injuries are intended to provide financial compensation to make the victim whole. These are different than criminal cases in that criminal prosecutions are intended to punish the perpetrator so as to deter future criminal conduct in the future.
So how can you avoid getting sued for a personal injury accident? Although there is no sure-fire way to avoid any kind of lawsuit filed against you, you may take prudent steps so as to minimize your liability. Motor vehicle collision cases are by far the most common type of personal injury accident claim. You may have been sued at some point in the future, or a claim may have been filed against you stemming from a car accident. Proper steps to take include making sure your motor vehicle is properly serviced and maintenanced at all times.
As well, avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving car accidents includes texting or otherwise using a cellphone while driving, or eating in a car while driving, or any and all other ways that one can become distracted while behind the wheel. These are easy things to do to prevent an unnecessary motor vehicle collision from occurring. If you own a home, you can be sued for negligence. These negligence cases are filed against your homeowner’s insurance company. These cases can include slips and falls on your property, or trips and falls on your property, as well as other potential premises liability actions against you.
Proper steps to take, especially in climates which experience no-fall is making sure you remove snow and ice from your property as quickly as possible. As well, make sure that there are no leaks in your house or loose railings or banisters on staircases, etc. Dog bite claims also can be filed against you and are considered to be homeowner insurance claims. For dog owners, take prudent steps to ensure your dog is properly leashed at all times in public, and when interacting with people as well as dogs, make sure your dog does not get excited or nervous so as to avoid any type of dog bite incident from occurring.
If you are a landlord, make sure your property is up to code as well as making sure all lighting fixtures are properly functioning. In the event of snowstorms, make sure that you reasonably remove snow and ice as quickly as possible. Trampolines are another source of potential liability to a homeowner. If you own a trampoline, consider removing it from your property entirely, if possible. Serious personal injury such as broken bones, as well as potentially serious injuries, including catastrophic injuries, can and do frequently result from use of a trampoline.
Swimming pools are another potential source of liability to homeowners. Make sure that you, at all times, monitor the safety of any and all guests to your property that are using the pool. Children are frequently the victims of pool accidents, so ensure that any children visiting your property are always fully and properly supervised at all times. While there is no way to avoid getting sued for a personal injury accident or any other type of incident, making sure you act reasonably and prudently can be your best defense against any liability that may potentially attach to you.
If you are, in fact, sued for a personal injury accident, your insurance company will step in to provide a legal defense to the claim as well as pay any type of damages that are awarded to the injured victim by way of a settlement or verdict at trial. If you or someone you know has been sued for any type of civil matter pertaining to personal injury damages, I encourage you to contact the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers at 617-444-7777. We’re happy to provide you or someone you know with a free complimentary consultation to discuss any potential liability you may have arising from a personal injury accident.

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