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Boston Taxi Accident Lawyer

Boston Taxi Accident Lawyer
There are roughly 2,000 taxis in Boston. Even with the explosive growth of Uber and Lyft and other ride share companies in recent years, taxis are still widely present in Boston.
With so many students, residents, tourists and others using taxis in Boston, innocent people are going to get hurt.  In addition, since taxi drivers work so many hours per week, there are going to predictably be many taxi accidents in Boston.
If you experienced personal injury accident and need a Boston taxi accident lawyer, it is important to know what your rights are, and what types of financial compensation you are entitled to. The Earley Law Group can help you.
Boston taxi accident lawyer

Common Types of Boston Cab Accidents

Car Accidents – If you were a passenger in a taxi or were in a car struck by a taxi, you are entitled to be compensated by the insurance company for whichever driver was at fault.
Pedestrian Accidents – Boston is widely known as a walking city.  With so many cabs, and so many pedestrians on the streets, Boston sees its fair share of pedestrians struck by taxi cabs.
Bicycle Accidents – Bicycling is a fast and efficient way to travel in Boston.  Unfortunately, taxi drivers negligently strike innocent cyclists quite frequently causing very serious injuries.
Rideshare Accidents – If you were a passenger in a Lyft or Uber that was that was negligently struck by a taxi, you have rights.  Also, if your ride share driver negligently struck a taxi, you also have rights against your Uber or Lyft driver.
Workers Compensation Accidents – It is important to mention that cab drivers may claim workers comp benefits if they are injured during the course or and scope of their employment.

Boston Cab Accidents And Compensation You Can Pursue

Most Boston cab companies only have minimal liability limits on its vehicles. They typically have only a $20,000/$40,000 liability policy.
This means each individual injured by the negligence of the taxi can collect no more than $20,000, and $40,000 represents the total combined policy that all injured individuals would have to divide up amongst themselves.  Of course, a given taxi may have higher liability limits, but that is rare.
If the injuries are serious enough, a lawyer for Boston taxi accidents can pursue an attachment against the taxi medallion.  The medallion is issued by the Boston Police Hackney Division and is a City-issued license to operate a cab in Boston.  These medallions can typically have a worth in excess of $500,000.

Boston Taxi Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Our office has extensive experience and success representing innocent people injured by the carelessness of Boston cabbies.  Call today to find out how we can help you with your taxi accident in Boston.

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