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Recent Boston Dog Bite Accident Settlement: $175,000

Recent Boston Dog Bite Accident Settlement: $175,000
Boston dog bite accident settlement
Our office recently secured a $175,000 settlement for a client that was bitten by a dog.  In this case, our client was working as a visiting home health aide. One day she went to a patient’s home to provide to provide medical assistance.
Sadly, upon entering the home, she was attacked and bitten by a pit bull.  This would result in substantial personal injuries for our client that required surgery.  And now the client lives with scarring that still remains.
Our office filed both a workers compensation claim as well as a third-party lawsuit against the dog owner seeking money damages for our client.
The workers compensation eventually settled via lump sum.  The third-party case would settle with the assistance of a mediation session.
This case is not rare.  Dog bites remarkably happen often. Approximately 4.7 million bites happen each year, with roughly 800,000 bites requiring medical attention.  Also, in 2014 dog bite payouts by insurance companies for these cases was an estimated $500 million.

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