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Boston Automobile Crash Lawyer

Boston Automobile Crash Lawyer

Following a Massachusetts car accident many questions and concerns arise. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire a car accident lawyer.  As a Boston automobile crash lawyer, I have helped many people through the years that have been injured.  The insurance claims process can be confusing with many traps for the unwary, which insurance companies take advantage of.  Here are some of the main reasons to hire a car accident lawyer after a Massachusetts car accident:

A  Lawyer Can Level The Playing Field

Car insurance claims adjusters are trained to minimize the value of each file they handle.  One of their main jobs is to settle a case for short money before the claimant hires an attorney.  The reason for this is the adjuster knows that without a lawyer, you are at a disadvantage.  Don’t fall for this. The insurance company has their lawyers for a reason, and you need a lawyer too, to make things fair.

A Lawyer Can Maximize The Value Of Your Case

Since you only have one bite at the apple, you want to make sure that your settlement is fair and just.  A lawyer can help present your case in a convincing and persuasive manner to the adjuster which can result in a better settlement.  The lawyer also knows what the settlement value of the case is.  Finally, the lawyer knows how to effectively negotiate on your behalf with the adjuster.

A Lawyer Can Litigate Your Claim

If a settlement for your car accident cannot be reached, then a lawsuit will be necessary.  An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to file a lawsuit, handle discovery, and try a case in front of a jury.  While most cases do settle, it is important to have representation should litigation become necessary.

Boston Automobile Crash Lawyer That Can Help You

If you need a personal injury lawyer for a car accident claim, contact us today for help.

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