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Boston Auto Accident Attorney Mediation

Boston Auto Accident Attorney Mediation
Most car accident claims settle. Assuming liability is clear and that there were injuries suffered, the claim will likely settle.  There are many ways to settle a case.  But what happens if the parties need outside assistance to reach a settlement?  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become an increasingly popular forum for settling car accident claims.  Arbitration and mediation are two forms of ADR.

Mediation is a type of ADR that has become a great way for many car accident victims to obtain a settlement.  It provides an attractive alternative to rolling the dice at trial. Understanding what mediation is important for any car crash victim looking for an effective way to reach resolution of his/her case.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a completely voluntary way of resolving car accident claims. It is confidential, so anything said during the mediation session cannot be later revealed in court.
Whereas trials can take days or weeks, mediation is relatively fast.  A mediation can be concluded in as little as a half-day.  Mediation also is much less expensive than going to trial.  Plus, mediation does not carry the stress that trials can put on people.  It is also a way of controlling the outcome of a case.
That is because trials are up to judges and juries to decide. On the other hand, the outcome of a mediation is completely controlled by the parties because any mediated settlement requires the agreement of all parties at the mediation.
Additionally, mediation is non-binding.  That means either side can walk away from the mediation session should they so choose.
Finally, if the case does not settle at mediation, it allows the sides to walk away with a better understanding of the other side’s case.
What Cases Can Be Mediated
It is not just car accident claims that can be mediated, but all types of personal injury claims such as:

Regardless of what kind of accident claim you have, contact Boston auto accident attorney Christopher Earley today for a completely free consultation for help with your case.

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