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Boston Amputation Injury Lawyer

Boston Amputation Injury Lawyer

Few injuries are as devastating than a traumatic amputation injury.  Sometimes the amputation is planned and has become necessary in a hospital operating room.  Other times the amputation results from an an unexpected traumatic accident.  The aftermath of losing a limb means learning how to live life without a fundamental, essential body part.  This can be gut wrenching as the injured victim each day is reminded of the loss of the body part.
Many times it is a personal injury accident that causes an accident.  If the amputation was caused due to negligence, then a claim for financial compensation may be made against all responsible parties.  As a Boston amputation injury lawyer, my office can help you pursue legal action for your injury.

Compensation Available for An Amputation 

These injuries can create substantial medical bills for the victim. Lengthy hospital stays, followed by extended rehabilitation stays can easily cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills to accumulate.  Bills for future medical care can also be staggering.  Necessary prosthetic devices can be extremely burdensome to financially afford.
Also, the victim may or may not be ever able to work again.  That means hundreds of thousands or even million dollars in potential wages and earnings over a lifetime are lost.  When an amputation occurs due to negligence, then a case can be worth millions of dollars.  It is important to have a qualified injury lawyer on your team so that proper financial settlement compensation can be obtained.
Pain and suffering damages for these types of accident claims are significant.  Also, the mental suffering can be intense and permanent. Many times amputation injury victims suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that will require extensive counseling and possibly medication to properly address.

Common Causes of Amputation

Here are some of the various types of personal injury accident cases that can lead to an amputation:

Amputation Injury Attorney In Boston

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic amputation injury, I invite you to contact the Earley Law Group today for a free consultation.  These cases always require a lawyer’s assistance due to their complexity, as well as because of the settlement money that is potentially available.

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