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Avoiding Winter Accidents

Avoiding Winter Accidents
Massachusetts is bracing for a snowstorm to hit early this week.  Winter storms invariably lead to greater risk for accidents to happen.  Many such accidents lead to personal injuries.  Staying safe during these weather events is critical, and here are some tips for doing so.

Slips And Fall Accidents 

Snow and ice can cause serious injuries at any given time.  These accidents can happen in parking lots, walkways, and staircases. Also, with precipitation means people are tracking in water as they enter stores.  Store entrances are a common site for winter slips and falls.  Therefore, be extra careful when entering and exiting stores and businesses.
Always make sure your footwear has proper traction in order to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.  Try to only wear boots during the winter months.
Property owners and landlords are required in Massachusetts to reasonably clear snow and ice from their premises following snowfall.  Failure to do so can result in liability attaching for any injuries that arise from lack of reasonably adequate snow removal.
Construction workers are always at risk of slips and falls, and other accidents, at all times of the year, and especially during winter.  They may pursue workers comp benefits for on-the-job injuries they experience.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Snowy conditions, ice, and black ice, lead to an uptick in car accidents each winter.  Always be sure to clear snow and ice from your vehicle before heading out.  Also, drive slowly and leave enough space between your vehicle and vehicles in front of you.  Be sure to never text and drive, no matter what.  These basic safety rules should always be followed by bicyclists as well as motorcycle operators.
Truck accidents also increase at this time of year.  Jacknifing happens more and more when truck tires lose contact with the roadway.  Truck drivers need to use extra caution as black ice is always present during winter, and they need to always make sure they are sufficiently rested so they can properly react to wintry conditions.

Massachusetts Snow And Ice Accident Attorneys

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