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Will home insurance cover personal injury?


If someone is hurt on your property, the liability provision of your homeowner’s insurance covers any personal injury claim that is filed. When someone files a claim under your homeowners’ policy, that is called a “third party” claim- and even if the injured party files a lawsuit against you, you are entitled to protection under the policy. 

The insurance liability coverage compensates the injured person’s losses that stem from the injury including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering- up to your policy. For instance, if you were to have $300,000 in liability insurance included in your homeowner’s policy, your insurance would pay the injured person up to that amount. Most of the time, insurance claims settle for an amount in the range of the policy limit, however, if the injured party has suffered serious or permanent injuries, the claim will be above the policy limit and you will become personally liable for any amount left over. 

In the event that there has been any kind of accident/incident on your property and you believe the injury claim might be filed, (whether a slip and fall or dog bite), the first step is contacting an attorney.

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