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Why you should never trust an insurance adjuster.

When you become injured due to someone else’s negligence (in this example we’ll use a Slip and Fall), they become liable for your injuries. If you slip and fell on someone’s property, the owner of the property most likely has insurance. This type of insurance is called general liability insurance. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case. The insurance adjuster will call you and send a letter with forms for you to sign. They will ask how you are doing, what pain or injuries you experienced in the fall, etc. . They’ll sound super helpful and caring on the phone and will even recommend you DON’T get a lawyer, because they will take care of everything. 

This is nonsense. The insurance adjuster is calling you for one simple reason: to limit the amount they have to pay for your injury claim. Please keep in mind that insurance companies are massive, for profit companies. They are in the business of making the most money they can. Therefore, when a claim is submitted, they want to do whatever they can to pay as little as they can. You should never trust an insurance adjuster because the last thing an insurance company wants to do is give you fair compensation. 

You should never give an insurance company a recorded statement, even if the adjuster says they want a quick recording to nail down some points about the accident- say NO. Recorded statements help the insurance adjusters twist and manipulate the facts on how the accident actually occurred. These recorded statements can damage your case. 

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