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Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Have a Bad Reputation?

Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Have a Bad Reputation?
There are over a million licensed attorneys in the United States. However, there is no question that, generally speaking, attorneys can oftentimes be not held in the highest regard by the public. Most notably, personal injury lawyers fall into this category. Regrettably, many people in society view personal injury lawyers very unfavorably.
The overwhelming majority of attorneys who handle personal injury cases are good, honest, ethical people. However, there are some bad apples that have sullied, unfortunately, the reputation of personal injury lawyers. So, why do personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation?
The first reason is because of tacky or distasteful TV advertising. There’s no shortage of personal injury attorneys advertising their services on television networks. Many of these commercials can be tacky and downright pathetic. That is not a strong image that is projected into the consciousness of the public at large.
Another reason why personal injury lawyers have a bad reputation is due to the perception that they’re ambulance chasers. Many in society view personal injury attorneys as merely opportunistic and profiting from the suffering of others. These people view attorneys as unethical and view attorneys as those who cannot be trusted as they are considered to be trying to drum up business from other people’s pain and suffering. While that, unfortunately, is the perception that many people have, it is a fact that attorneys who handle personal injury cases are generally invested in a client’s case. That means the attorney and the client both want to maximize the client’s case. The fact that the attorney wants to get the client the highest possible settlement does not by itself mean that the attorney is an ambulance chaser.
Another reason why personal injury lawyers have garnered a bad reputation is that there are many attorneys who have stolen client money. That is not just limited to personal injury attorneys, but attorneys in general. For many years, there have been many bad actors that have improperly siphoned off money that rightfully is owed to a client. Any attorney who steals money from a client should automatically be disbarred and deserving of all possible civil and criminal repercussions that follow. However, the vast, vast majority of attorneys do not steal from clients, which makes the perception that attorneys are thieves very, very unfortunate.
In conclusion, there is no question that personal injury lawyers do have a poor reputation in society. However, there are so many good, honest, and ethical attorneys that do good work each and every day. It is unfortunate that a few bad apples have sullied the general reputation of personal injury attorneys in America.
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