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What happens if I get bit by a dog in Massachusetts?

What happens if I get bit by a dog in Massachusetts?

Everyone loves a good fuzzy friend, especially dogs. With over 300 breeds of dogs, it’s a no-brainer that there is a kind of dog for every kind of person. In Massachusetts, about 29 percent of the household population owns a dog.  In order to protect victims from damage or injuries caused by a dog, Massachusetts has a strict statute governing liability; Massachusetts General Laws c.140 s.155. In most cases, the dog owner will be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused by their dog. 

A dog owner in Massachusetts is required by law to restrain and control their pet in order to protect both the dog and those around them. Whether the dog owner is legally on private property or on public grounds, they could still be held accountable. If a dog was not properly restrained on a leash while on the owner’s property or if the owner knew the dog had a violent nature, the owner may be liable for injuries suffered by others.

Additionally, you might be entitled to compensation for harm you sustained while attempting to flee as well as from the bite or attack itself.This frequently occurs when bikers who are attacked are thrown to the ground and suffer fractures or sprains. In an effort to escape an attacking dog, some people have also fled into traffic and been hit by an oncoming car. Successful dog attack lawsuits must demonstrate that the defendant is either the dog’s owner or the person in charge of looking after it. However, the wounded party must once more demonstrate that there was no trespassing and that they were not taunting or abusing the dog.

Injury caused by a dog attack or dog bite is frequently covered by homeowner’s insurance. In Massachusetts, homeowner’s insurance offers coverage for bodily injury (liability) and, occasionally, for the injured person’s medical expenses. It is urged that, in the event of a dog bite injury, you do not contact or communicate with any insurance company representative until first speaking with a certified personal injury lawyer with experience with dog bite cases. Why? Due to the fact that you will eventually have to deal with an insurance adjuster who may only provide you 10% of the compensation you would get if you hired an experienced personal injury lawyer. That would be ideal for the involved insurance firm. If you’ve been injured by a dog, call our dog bite injury law firm today for a free consultation and access to our many free resources so you are able to make the best decision. Call us at 617-338-7400. 

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