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Ways owners can prevent slip and fall lawsuits


Business owners have to keep their premises safe, so as to avoid negligently allowing any lawful visitors to the property to become injured. If a property owner’s negligence causes someone to slip and fall, that person can potentially file a claim or lawsuit against the property owner. There is no way to completely avoid these claims if you own property. However, there are ways to cut down on the number of potential hazards that can cause personal injuries that give rise to these accident claims. Here are some of them:

1. Always make sure to have regular, periodic sweeps to check for the presence of leaks or spills;
2. Make sure the premises are always adequately lighted;
3. Secure all carpets and rugs so they are properly placed and adhered to the floor;
4. Make sure all snow and ice is promptly treated and removed as soon as possible;
5. Make sure all areas of a construction zone are safe and free from slipping and tripping hazards;
6. Make sure all stairways have code-compliant handrails, and riser heights;
7. Pools and trampolines are huge liabilities, so if possible, safeguard them as much as possible. Ideally, get rid of the trampoline;
8. Make sure all workplace floors and surfaces are reasonably safe from slipping hazards as many workers’ compensation claims stem from slip and fall accidents;
9. Make sure to closely monitor nursing home residents so they are not exposed to slip and fall hazards.

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