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Two Types of Personal Injury Accidents at a Construction Site


In Massachusetts, especially Boston, construction sites are notoriously known for being dangerous areas with common injury occurrences. Two of those types of personal injury accidents include falling accidents and struck-by accidents.

Falling Accidents

Workers on construction sites frequently have to do their duties hundreds of feet above the ground. Everyone working on the building site runs the danger of experiencing significant injuries if the proper safety measures are not performed.

To prevent falls on building sites, construction companies are required to provide harnesses, secure scaffolding, safe catwalks, and other safety gear. Falling workers have the right to seek compensation from the building business and other culpable parties when the necessary equipment is not available.

Falls at construction sites can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Unmarked excavation sites and trenches
  • Unguarded elevator shafts
  • Inclement weather when performing roof work
  • Debris causing slip or trip and fall injuries
  • Defective ladders
  • Unmarked or unprotected floor holes, wall openings, or ledges 
  • Improperly constructed or guarded scaffolding


On building sites, there will inevitably be risks that could result in accidents from falls. It is the responsibility of construction businesses to supply workers with sufficient safety gear and fall prevention training. Unfortunately, workers frequently lack the education or tools necessary to execute their tasks safely, leaving them to suffer the consequences of someone else’s carelessness.

Struck- By Incidents

Workers who are impacted by objects that are falling, rolling, swinging, or flying may have struck-by accidents. When an object strikes a worker, it may cause only a little bump or a serious, even fatal, mishap, depending on the object’s size, shape, and speed at the time of impact.

Examples of frequent struck-by incidents include:

  • Accidents with heavy equipment or vehicles 
  • Broken high-pressure hoses and lines
  • Falling suspended loads
  • Flying nuts and bolts
  • Falling scaffolding, pipes, or lumber 
  • Dropped tools

Construction companies must take reasonable precautions to prevent struck-by accidents from occurring. When companies fail to take adequate measures to ensure the safety of their employees, they may be held liable for injuries and subsequent losses that occur as a result.


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