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Ten Things to Do (and not to do) After a Car Accident in Massachusetts

Here are some things to do (and things to avoid) following an auto accident in Massachusetts:
1) Call the police;
2) Tell the police officer(s) exactly how the accident occurred;
3) Be careful what you say to the other driver; keep things to an absolute minimum;
4) If you have a camera in your car, photograph the accident scene and damage to both vehicles (or as soon as practically possible);
5) Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible;
6) Contact your insurance company immediately to report the accident;
7) DO NOT talk with anyone who calls you from the other driver’s insurance company;
8) Do not panic if the police report is inaccurate as to how the accident occurred;
9) Contact an attorney immediately if you were injured in the accident.
10) Keep records of all of your medical treatment;

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