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Recent Setttlements

We here at the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers, have been rather busy the past few weeks in successfully resolving cases for our clients. Our focus has always been and remains, representing only the injured and their families. Here are some brief descriptions of some recent settlements we have been able to achieve for our clients thus far in 2021.


Settlement 1


We represent an individual who was seriously injured on a moped. Our client, while operating his moped, was attempting to turn right, and the at-fault vehicle was coming in the opposite direction in attempting to turn left at an intersection. The automobile did not see our client on his moped and therefore struck our client causing him serious bodily injuries. Our client needed to undergo extensive medical treatment to address his injuries from the accident.


Following his course of medical treatment, he was able to recover rather well from his various injuries arising from the accident. After extensive negotiations with the bodily injury insurance company, we were able to successfully resolve our client’s claim for a confidential settlement amount.


The case was difficult in that the driver of the motor vehicle claimed he never saw our client on his moped. However, we were able to successfully argue that had he been operating his vehicle in a more reasonable manner, he would have been able to see our client rather easily. Based on those successful arguments we were able to make, the insurance company eventually agreed to pay full and fair value for the case.


Settlement 2


Another successful settlement for a different client arose from a slip and fall accident. Our client was at a commercial property and needed to use the bathroom. While inside the bathroom, he slipped and fell due to water that was on the floor. As a result of slipping and falling, he sustained personal injuries and needed to undergo medical treatment to address his injuries.


Following a relatively modest and brief course of therapy, our client arrived at what is referred to as a medical end result. Following that medical end result, we engaged the liability insurance company for the property where our client fell in settlement negotiations. After a few weeks of back-and-forth negotiations, we were able to resolve our client’s slip-and-fall accident case for a confidential settlement amount that was quite fair, given his limited period of necessary medical treatment.


Settlement 3


Another recent settlement we were able to obtain for a client arose from a dog bite attack. Our client was taking a break at work and at that time was attacked by a dog. She sustained injuries to her lower extremities and needed to undergo medical observation and treatment for her injuries. She developed scaring, which to this day remains. This is a complicated legal dispute because the owner of the dog, at the time of the accident, did not have her dog. The dog was in the possession of a dog walker. This presented complicated and various legal defensives brought by the attorneys representing both the dog walker as well as the dog owner. Unable to settle the case, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. Following discovery, the parties engaged in settlement talks, and eventually, the claim was settled for a confidential amount.


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