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Recent Boston Slip And Fall Accident Settlement: $195,000

Recent Boston Slip And Fall Accident Settlement: $195,000
Slip and fall accident case settlements
Recently at mediation the Earley Law Group was able to obtain a $195,000 settlement for a slip and fall victim.  Our client was USPS mail carrier delivering mail to a home.  She would slip and fall on snow and ice while trying to walk down the staircase.  Her back was severely injured.  She tried various conservative treatments, all of which failed to bring her any relief.  She eventually decided to undergo a laminectomy procedure.
We filed a Massachusetts negligence lawsuit for our clients personal injuries.  Both sides performed discovery during the litigation and then enventualy agreed to mediate the claim.
The homeowners’ attorneys argued the homeowners did all they could do to keep the property safe, and that our client was comparatively negligent.  Our client argued that despite the homeowners’ efforts, the staircase was still unreasonably dangerous.
This case highlights the differences between slip and fall cases and car accident cases.  With slip and fall cases, it is difficult to ever establish 100% liability.  That is because it is assumed with these cases that the person who slipped and fell was not being careful enough.
However, with car accident cases, it is easier to establish liability.  An example is a rear ending car accident.  The victim in that situation has no liability, and therefore does not have his case discounted for comparative negligence.

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Regardless of how your slip and fall accident occurred, we can help.  We have successfully settled hundreds of these cases through the years. Put our experience to work for you today.

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