Recent Boston Personal Injury Law Firm Settlements

We are always proud, here at the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers to successfully settle our clients’ injury cases. Our clients come to us for a variety of personal injury legal service needs. Each case is unique, and each person is affected differently by their own experience from their personal injury case. We take great pride and excitement in achieving justice for all of our clients. Here is a sampling of some recent personal injury settlements we have recovered for our clients.

We recently settled a workers’ compensation case for a client. Our client was a housekeeper who injured her right shoulder while on the job. Since this accident, she had been out of work and collecting weekly Workers’ Compensation benefit checks. Through extensive negotiations with the worker’s compensation insurance company, we were able to successfully resolve her claim for a confidential amount. As well, the insurance company agrees to pay for any future medical treatment our client will need going forward in the future.

Another client came to us with a bicycle accident case. He was riding on his bicycle when he was cut off by a motor vehicle. The impact was substantial, causing him to suffer serious personal injuries. In fact, he even suffered dental injuries from the incident. He required medical treatment to address these injuries. We were able to successfully resolve his bodily injury claim with the insurance company that insures the driver of the car that caused the accident.

Additionally, we were able to secure additional settlement funds above bodily injury funds recovered by way of underinsured motorist benefits. These benefits are paid out under our client’s own insurance company. Both the bodily injury and underinsured motorist claims resolved through a confidential amount.

We also settled a number of motor vehicle accident cases in which our clients were victims of negligence. Those cases were primarily cases involving soft tissue injuries, including but not limited to neck strains and sprains as well as back strains and sprains. Those cases also settled for confidential settlements with the respective insurance companies involved.

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At Earley Law Group, we understand how overwhelming things can be after suffering an unexpected injury. You’re facing high medical bills that don’t stop pouring in. You’re feeling financial strain because your injury has forced you to miss work. Worst of all, your day-to-day pain and suffering weigh heavily on your mind every single minute. All because of someone else’s negligence.