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Preventing Auto Accidents in the Summer Months

Massachusetts auto accidents occur with alarming frequency.  With the sweltering summer temperatures fast approaching, it is important to realize that higher roadway surface temperatures mean increased tire blowouts.  Here is a post provided by Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Randall S. Udelman on this very topic:

In the summer months, check the tire pressure in your cars or trucks as often as possible. Each time you purchase gas, check your tire pressure. Also, you should check your tire pressure in the morning before the heat sets in. This is particularly true because when the summer temperature rises, air in your tires expands and increases pressure. On the door of newer vehicles, you will find language from your automaker recommending certain pressure in "pounds per square inch" which should be measured before the tires heat up. Another safety tool requires affirmative action everytime you get into a car. Generally, wearing your seatbelt minimizes risks of major injuries.

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