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Massachusetts Bodily Injury Claims Stemming from Automobile Accidents

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts auto accident and sustained injuries, whatever medical bills you incur as a result will usually be paid by your auto insurance carrier.  Typically following such accidents, injured persons usually incur ambulance, hospital, physical therapy and chiropractic bills, depending on the extent of your injuries.  After you have treated for your injuries, you must submit your medical bills to your auto insurance carrier (a first-party claim).  Once you have reached a "medical end-result," you may be entitled to bring a "bodily injury" claim (third-party claim) against the auto insurance carrier for the driver(s) that were responsible for causing your injuries.

But as a prerequisite to bringing a "bodily injury" claim in Massachusetts, at least one of the following must be met:

1.  Your medical bills exceed $2000.00 following the accident or;

2.  The injuries you sustain causes death (your estate would bring the claim on your behalf) or;

3.  You sustain permanent and serious disfigurement or;

4.  You sustain a qualified loss of sight or hearing.

At least one of these requirements must be met before you will be allowed to bring a "bodily injury" claim against the insurance company that insures the driver(s) that caused the auto accident that led to your injuries.

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