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Massachusetts Slip And Fall Lawyer

Massachusetts Slip And Fall Lawyer
As a Massachusetts slip and fall lawyer, I have learned these cases are hard to win in Massachusetts.  These cases can lose at trial for a number of reasons.  Usually, these cases are difficult because it is assumed the person that was injured was not being careful enough about watching where he/she was going.  In order to defeat these assumptions, evidence must be presented to show that the property owner – or whomever was responsible for keeping the area safe – was in fact negligent.
Photographs showing the area of the fall can be very helpful evidence to show negligence.  Good, clear photographs that were taken at the time of, or soon after the accident happened can be very helpful in showing that a property owner was not reasonable in maintaining the property.  In fact, quality photographs can help with all types of personal injury cases.  Also, a professional photographer can oftentimes help to professionally present the accident scene, or the injuries suffered by the victim.

Also, if there were witnesses who saw the accident, securing statements from these individuals as soon as possible can help to strengthen a claim.  Oftentimes an investigator can successfully secure witness statements.  It is important that the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses be obtained as soon as possible.
Finally, damages are proven largely by what is contained in medical records.  Consistent, legitimate medical treatment to help deal with a painful injury is better than sporadic, questionable medical treatment.  Be sure to tell your medical providers the full extent of your injuries so that your damages are property treated, and properly documented.
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