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Massachusetts Car Accident Law Firm

Massachusetts Car Accident Law Firm
Being involved in a Massachusetts car accident is never a pleasant experience.  However, it is important to take certain steps.  It is equally important to avoid taking the wrong steps.
Here is a list of things to do, as well as a list things not to do after a Massachusetts car accident.

Things to do after a Massachusetts car accident:

1) Call the police.
2) Get as much contact information as possible from the at-fault operator.
3) Photograph damage to the vehicles.
4) Photograph any injuries you sustained.
5) Photograph any personal belongings damages in the accident.
6) Contact your insurance company.

Things not to do after a Massachusetts car accident:

1) Do not contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and don’t speak with them if they call you.
2) Don’t fill out any paperwork or sign anything at all.
3) Seek necessary medical treatment.
4) Never publish anything on social media about anything related to the accident.

A Massachusetts Car Accident Law Firm That Can Help You

Feel free to contact us for your no-obligation consultation is you have been involved in a car accident or personal injury accident and need a lawyer.  It is important to be represented by an attorney.  The insurance company has their attorneys, and you need yours, too.
Keep in mind the insurance adjuster’s job is to minimize your case as much as possible.  Also, the adjuster wants to likely settle your case before you get an attorney.  That is because the adjuster knows that if you have an attorney you will end up with a higher settlement.

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