I Was Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident at a Store? Do I Have a Case?

That generally depends on one thing: Notice. If it can be shown that the store had notice of the substance you fell on, then you may have a claim. Notice can be established in one of three ways.  One, that the store created the substance you fell on, and failed to correct it in a timely manner. Two, that the store knew about the substance, and failed to correct it in a timely manner. Third, that the store should have known about the substance through reasonable inspection and maintenance, but failed to do that.

Therefore, the success of your slip and fall case against a Massachusetts supermarket will depend largely on the element of notice, and whether, and how strong, that element can be established.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a supermarket or store outside of Massachusetts, the element of notice will largely control the outcome of the case.

At Earley Law Group, we understand how overwhelming things can be after suffering an unexpected injury. You’re facing high medical bills that don’t stop pouring in. You’re feeling financial strain because your injury has forced you to miss work. Worst of all, your day-to-day pain and suffering weigh heavily on your mind every single minute. All because of someone else’s negligence.