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How Much Do Boston Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident or suffered a personal injury in Boston, you may wonder about the cost of hiring an attorney. In this article, we’ll explore how much Boston auto accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers typically charge and the fee structures they use.

Budget with pen and wallet.

How much do Boston auto accident lawyers charge?

When it comes to Boston auto accident cases, nearly all lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that your attorney will take a percentage of any settlement or judgment amount as their legal fee at the end of your case. Typically, this fee is set at 33 1/3%, but it can be higher if your case goes into litigation.

In addition to the attorney’s fee, if your attorney advances any costs during the case, you’ll be responsible for reimbursing those expenses if there is a settlement. In other words, you’ll pay the agreed-upon contingent fee plus any costs advanced by your Boston auto accident lawyer. However, if there’s no settlement, you won’t owe your attorney anything.

Contingency Fee Agreements

The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct require that all contingent fee agreements must be in writing and signed by both you and your attorney. This agreement serves as a contract outlining the legal services to be provided. Most car accident and personal injury cases in Boston are handled through such contingency fee agreements.

This agreement marks the beginning of the attorney-client relationship, so be sure to request a copy if your attorney doesn’t provide one.

Negotiating Attorney Fees

While most lawyers adhere to standard contingency fee percentages, it’s worth noting that terms can sometimes be negotiated. Some personal injury and car accident lawyers may be willing to reduce their contingent fee based on factors like the complexity of the case, the work involved, the type of case, and its estimated value. However, it’s essential to remember that Boston workers’ compensation attorney fees are typically set by statute.

Furthermore, either you or your attorney can terminate the contingency fee agreement at any time, as contracts are voluntary agreements that neither party should be obligated to uphold against their will.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fees in Massachusetts

In the realm of personal injury cases in Massachusetts, hiring an attorney should not require you to pay anything upfront. Most personal injury lawyers, like those at Spada Law Group, work on a contingency fee basis. You only pay them if they win your case in court or secure a satisfactory settlement for you. If they don’t succeed, you owe them nothing.

Typically, personal injury lawyers and clients enter into a contingency fee agreement that outlines the percentage of the settlement the attorney will receive as their fee, whether the case settles or goes to court. These percentages often range from 25% to 35% of the gross amount recovered for the client.

Additionally, there may be costs associated with a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts, and the attorney usually covers these costs on behalf of the client. If you win your case, the lawyer will deduct their contingency fee and reimburse themselves for any expenses they advanced on your behalf.

Before hiring a Boston injury attorney, they will explain the contingency fee agreement thoroughly, ensuring you understand the percentage of your eventual recovery that the firm will take. This transparency prevents any surprises down the line.

Conclusion: Protect Your Rights with an Attorney

Regardless of the type of personal injury claim you have in Massachusetts, it’s crucial not to communicate with insurance adjusters or sign any forms before consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies have legal teams, and you deserve to have an attorney by your side to ensure a fair fight. 

The right attorney can help you secure the compensation you need and deserve after an accident or injury in Massachusetts.

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