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Helpful Tips for Those Going Through the Insurance Claims Process

Helpful Tips for Those Going Through the Insurance Claims Process
The aftermath of an auto accident, slip and fall, injury at work, or any other injury causing event can cause great stress to not only the injury victim, but also to his or her family.  Oftentimes, the experience of going through the personal injury claim process can be just as anguishing as the personal injury event that lead to the claim.
In order to make the aftermath just a little easier for you, here are my tips to those who have an attorney and are going through the typically frustrating and lengthy personal injury claim process:
1)  Trust your attorney (if you can’t trust your attorney, find a new one immediately);
2)  Be patient.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a strong personal injury claim.  Give your attorney the time he or she needs to work the case up to where it needs to be for an optimum settlement/jury verdict;
3)  Stay in touch with your attorney. Check in with your attorney from time to time to tell him or her about the status of your medical treatment, and to never be afraid to call your attorney for a status update;
4)  Don’t ever take anything personally.  If your attorney tells you that the insurance company feels the accident was your fault, or takes the position that you were not injured, try not to get worked up and remember that the only way to get an insurance company to pay is to fight them;
5)  Never lie.  Since everything you and your attorney talk about relative to your case is confidential, always tell him or her the truth so your attorney can work to get you the best result possible.
If you do not have an attorney, do let the insurance company take advantage of you.  Call the Earley Law Group right now at 617 338 7400 or email me at if you have an insurance claim with an insurance company.

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