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Casi todos los abogados en Boston que manejan casos de lesiones personales ofrecen a los clientes potenciales una consulta gratuita. Esto permite a una víctima de un accidente de lesiones personales para entrevistar a diferentes abogados sin incurrir en ningún costo de bolsillo. Por lo tanto, es una oportunidad para que la víctima del accidente obtenga una visión legal gratuita sobre si tiene o no una reclamación legítima que vale la pena perseguir.

Pero, ¿qué sucede exactamente durante una consulta gratuita con un abogado de lesiones personales de Boston? 

Por lo general, en la oficina del abogado, usted se reunirá con el abogado, o un asistente para el abogado, o incluso un asistente legal para el abogado. La persona con la que se reúna comenzará a preguntarle algunos antecedentes específicos sobre usted.

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Insurance companies like to play games with innocent injury victims. Don’t fall for their tricks and traps. Here are seven insider secrets insurance adjusters don’t want you to know about. 

  1. When Insurance companies tell you that their offer is final, they are not telling you the truth. Nearly every adjuster can get additional settlement authority from a supervisor to settle a case. 
  2. You do NOT have to sign anything. Never sign something an insurance adjuster sends to you without having it first reviewed by an attorney. 
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Al respecto, cuando se compra un coche o se alquila un apartamento, hay que tener en cuenta muchas cosas, como el seguro, la calidad, el vecindario, etc. Es lo mismo a la hora de contratar a un abogado. Así como es importante contratar al abogado correcto, también es importante no equivocarse de representante. Hay algunas cosas en las que uno se debe fijar cuando está buscando el abogado adecuado. 

Para empezar, ¿tiene el abogado un historial de quejas éticas? Si es así, quizás sea el momento de buscar otro abogado. Hay una gran cantidad de abogados que no tienen ningún cargo disciplinario presentado contra ellos. Siempre, revise el sitio web “’‘ para buscar un abogado que le interese y guste, para representarse. Si él o ella tiene un historial disciplinario manchado, puede ser una señal mala e indicación que debería seguir buscando otro abogado. 

En segundo lugar, ¿le promete el abogado un acuerdo rápido? Eso también puede ser una señal de alarma, no hay duda de que los casos de lesiones personales y de compensación de los trabajadores pueden tomar un tiempo considerable para resolver, a veces el proceso puede tomar muchos meses y a veces incluso años para resolver un caso. Cualquier abogado que le diga lo contrario, no está siendo sincero con usted. 

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and while it’s mostly true, like everything else in life there is an exception to the rule. Without notice or warning, a dog can attack and it’s neither enjoyable nor pleasant for the dog, owner, or victim. In Massachusetts, the dog bite law is set forth in MGL c 140, s 155. Majority of the time, the owner of the dog is liable for injuries suffered in the attack with exceptions including if the victim was trespassing, committing a crime, or abusing the dog. While most states require the plaintiff to show proof of previous aggression from the dog, Massachusetts does not. State lawmakers were so prevalent in creating strict guidelines in reference to dog bites given how serious and common they are in the state.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than half of all Massachusetts residents own a pet, and 1 in 4 households own a dog. Moreover, there are an average of 6,300 dog bite injuries reported annually, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The most common dog bite injuries include fractured bones, scars, infections (including rabies), tissue loss, and lacerations. The Department of Health reports that head and facial injuries are more common in children, while adult injuries usually consist of arm and leg injuries. Once it occurs, the victim has three years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit.

In order to prevent a dog injury bite, it is important that the owner socializes the dog, reducing the risk of the dog biting out of fear. In cases where the Dog Bite law does not apply, the owner has two main defenses: trespassing and provocation. If the victim of the bite was trespassing on private property without permission, the owner cannot face a dog related injury lawsuit. Similarly, if the victim was provoking the dog (purposely teasing and tormenting- or even abusing the dog), the owner is not liable. 

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Millions of Americans have Medicare health insurance coverage.  Oftentimes however, when a Medicare beneficiary is involved in a personal injury event, dealing with Medicare can be a tedious and interminable process.

By law, Medicare has an automatic lien for any medical bills they paid out on your behalf in connection with medical treatment you received stemming from a personal injury case.  There is no way to avoid such a lien, and myself, and thousands of personal injury attorneys throughout America deal with the Medicare behemoth daily.

Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident in Massachusetts, or any other state, and you are a Medicare beneficiary, your attorney (or yourself if you are pro se) will have to work with Medicare to see to it that their lien is satisfied out of any settlement or verdict proceeds.  Because even if a case is concluded, Medicare can still pursue the beneficiary, and even the attorney, if Medicare discovers their lien was not satisfied.

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1) It compensates for the medical treatment the injury victim had to endure;

2) It covers the medical bills and liens that must be paid out of the settlement;

3) It adequately compensates the injury victim for lost wages, and if applicable, future lost wages or impairment of earning capacity;

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Helpful Tips for Those Going Through the Insurance Claims Process

The aftermath of an auto accident, slip and fall, injury at work, or any other injury causing event can cause great stress to not only the injury victim, but also to his or her family.  Oftentimes, the experience of going through the personal injury claim process can be just as anguishing as the personal injury event that lead to the claim.

In order to make the aftermath just a little easier for you, here are my tips to those who have an attorney and are going through the typically frustrating and lengthy personal injury claim process:

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I found this post over at San Francisco Mediation: A Better Solution authored by San Francisco Attorney Paula M. Lawhon that caught my attention because of its informative analysis of mediation in the context of a personal injury case.  It deftly chronicles the mediation process from start to finish.  If you will soon be involved in a mediation, irrespective of the type of case you have, I recommend checking out this post:

Here's an example of a recent personal injury mediation from a serious car accident (with some details changed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the parties and the mediation):

The parties at the mediation were the injured woman (the plaintiff) and her attorney as well as the insurance carrier and the attorney appointed by the insurance carrier to defend the driver against the plaintiff's claims of serious personal injury from the car accident. The driver was not present because the insurance carrier and its attorney were there to represent his interests and they had the authority needed to make the decisions. (This is why we pay for car insurance.) The plaintiff was seeking almost $1 million in damages.

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Dallas, Texas lawyer Bob Kraft over at his P.I.S.S.D blog has a great guest post from Chris Jacobson of Criminal Justice regarding the pros and cons of settlement.  Here is this very informative and useful post:

No one really wants to go to court and go through the long and often messy process that is a trial, but when it comes to claiming what’s rightfully yours, it’s not good to give up without a fight. And that’s where your personal injury lawyer comes into the picture and helps you deal with not just your monetary compensation, but also the emotional fallout as well. By helping you understand your case better and providing you with the psychological boost you need to stay out of depression in this trying time, your attorney can make your life much easier by helping you decide if it is better to take the case to court or settle outside after mediation or arbitration.

There are both pros and cons to settling out of court, and even though each case is unique, the following apply to most cases in general.

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According to USA Today roughly 19 million visitors pass through Boston each year.  It is no surprise given all that Boston has to offer.  With such a huge number of visitors, it is no wonder that many are injured.  Many visitors are injured in car accidents, slip and falls, and other types of accident cases.  Visitors are sometimes more prone to accidents given their lack of familiarity with Boston.  However, the fact that you do not live in Massachusetts does not mean you cannot hire a Massachusetts lawyer to represent you.

My office has represented out-of-state clients injured in car accidents, hotels, stores, trains, on escalators, etc.  If you or someone you know has been injured while a visitor in Boston, feel free to call my office.  We would be happy to provide a no-obligation phone consultation.  

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