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Guest Post: Automobile Accidents

Here is a great guest post kindly written by the nice folks over at the Utah personal injury firm of Christensen Law Firm regarding automobile accidents.  Here is the post:

There are a variety of ways that a person can suffer from spinal cord injuries, from acts of violence to diving into a shallow pool, to playing football. But by far the most common cause of spinal cord injuries is automobile accidents. This is why there are specialized auto accident attorneys there to help.

Automobile accidents often involve high impact blows that have the result of crushing or dislocating vertebrae in the spinal cord that then results in paralysis. However, even if the actual crash does not result in a particularly high impact blow, other elements of riding in a car often combine to cause a spinal cord injury nevertheless.

For instance, when a car has a faulty seatbelt design, even a minor crash can cause the seatbelt to either twist or come unhinged at the time of the crash, which will then leave the victim with no protection, throwing them forward or even out the car upon impact, which will then often result in a spinal cord injury as they make impact with either the windshield or the road.

Additionally, one of the most common causes of a spinal cord injury in a car accident is when the roof collapses. Some cars don’t have adequate roof strength standards, and so if your car rolls over, the roof collapses and crushes your head, which then crushes your neck, which then crushes your spine, hence giving you an injury that could lead to paralysis.

Love those power windows? You might not after learning that if you own a car that was made in the United States, those power windows will not have a standard safety feature in other cars that causes the window to retract when hit. This most often affects children,  whose necks then ram against those windows in the case of a crash, and the windows with no give, cause the child’s neck to contract and the spine to compress.

 For these and other reasons, car crashes present a great risk of spinal cord injuries, which then often lead to paralysis, a debilitating and devastating injury for anyone to handle. If you have experienced an accident in Utah, be sure to contact an auto accident attorney in Salt Lake City to make sure that any legal issues entwined in the accident can be properly addressed to your greatest benefit.

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