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Frequently Asked Massachusetts Car Accident Questions

Frequently Asked Massachusetts Car Accident Questions
Through the years I have noticed there are some common questions that most clients ask at the beginning of their car accident case. Here are some answers to these common questions, which hopefully are of assistance to you if you have been injured by the fault of someone else:
1) Do I have a case? This depends on a number of factors. Were you injured? Did someone else’s fault cause you to be injured? Is there insurance? Has the statute of limitations passed? Basically, this question does not have a standard response, but rather is dependent on a number of factors.
2) How are you paid? Like most personal injury lawyers, my office only gets paid if we get for you a settlement, or, if your case goes to trial, a victory at trial. My office charges the standard 33 1/3 % as a legal fee.
3) How long will my case take? Like question number 1, this one depends on a number of factors. Have you completed your medical treatment? Is the insurance company (assuming there is one) accepting liability? Is a lawsuit required? The best answer to this question: it depends as each case is completely unique.
4) Will I have to go to court? Most cases do settle prior to trial. However, there is always a chance that your personal injury case can go to trial if the sides cann0t settle the case.
5) How long do I have to sue? In Massachusetts, some claims have longer, or shorter, statute of limitations. Many claims have a three years statue of limitations in Massachusetts, but some do not. Each case is fact specific.
6) If I refuse ambulance transport does that mean I do not have a case? No. The fact that you were not taken from the scene of your accident by ambulance does not mean you do not have a case.
7) If I healed from my injuries, can I still make a claim? Yes. Even if you have recovered completely, you can still bring a claim for the injuries that you suffered in your accident.
8) How much do you charge for a consultation? Our office charges nothing for consultations.
9) What is my role in my case? Our office will handle all the legal aspects of your case. You however are responsible for receiving proper medical treatment for your injuries, and not missing your appointments. If your case is in suit, you may be required to answer interrogatories and attend a deposition, and possibly go to trial if your case goes that far.

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