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Free Legal Guides for Personal Injury Victims

Free Legal Guides for Personal Injury Victims
I am proud to announce that the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers has published a series of free consumer guides. These guides, called The Truth Series, are designed to educate everyone who has been involved in a personal injury accident in Massachusetts. Hopefully, the guides help people make good legal decisions for their personal injury case. That is the intention and the prime reason why I authored this collection of guides.
There is a total of five guides in the collection. They are:

  1. The Truth About Massachusetts Auto Accidents
  2. The Truth About Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Accidents
  3. The Truth About Massachusetts Slip & Fall Accidents
  4. The Truth About Massachusetts Dog Bites
  5. The Truth About Hiring The Right Lawyer For Your Case

Keep in mind these books are not intended to be legal advice. Rather, they are meant to provide general assistance to those that have been involved in an accident in Massachusetts. As stated, the books cover a wide range of accident types. A main theme in all the books is how insurance companies like to deceive and trick innocent injury victims. They do this through a myriad of ways, such as misrepresenting or deceiving the injury victim as to what rights he or she may be entitled to.
By reading these guides, the victim will be many steps ahead of others similarly situated who have been involved in a personal injury event. That will result in greater knowledge and understanding about the claims process, which will help the victim ultimately recover the best possible settlement for his or her case.
These guides are helpful for the following people. If someone has been recently involved in a Boston car accident, he or she is going to be contacted by an insurance company. Before you know it, this person is receiving confusing paperwork from the insurance company, as well as perhaps receiving telephone calls from the insurance company. At that point, the individual may unwittingly commit mistakes with his or her claim, which can greatly impact the rights to compensation he or she is entitled to under Massachusetts’ law.
As well, the guides are helpful for those who have been involved in a workers’ compensation accident in Massachusetts. An injured worker may never have been previously involved with the workers compensation claim process, which may work to his or her disadvantage. The guides will assist the injured worker with dealing with the insurance company as well as his or her employer in making sure that all rights to compensation are secured.
These guides are also helpful for an individual who slips and falls in Massachusetts. Whether it be a slip and fall at a supermarket, a slip and fall on snow and ice, a slip and fall at a rental property, etc. these guides will assist that individual in understanding how Massachusetts slip and fall accident law actually works and how insurance companies oftentimes try to manipulate the victim by limiting that victims’ rights to compensation.
We also have a guide dedicated to Massachusetts dog bite law. These accidents can cause serious injuries such as scarring and other serious personal injuries.
If you were not involved in a Massachuetts personal injury accident, the guide on how to choose the right lawyer for your case will be helpful regardless of the type of case that you have. That guide is intended to demonstrate how lawyers can be found online as well as other means. With so many options to choose from in the world of attorneys, the victim, by reading the guide, can be one step ahead of others similarly situated in trying to find an attorney for his or her case. If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a Boston personal injury attorney, I encourage you to contact the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers today for your free consultation by calling us at 617-444-7777.

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