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Five Places That Don’t Require Auto Insurance

This is another guest post, this time courtesy of Miles Walker of that I found very informative and interesting.  Here it is:

5 Places That Don't Require Car Insurance

There is a new law in Mississippi requiring people to have auto insurance before they can purchase a car. Mississippi is not the first place to pass such a law, but it raises an interesting question. Where can you go where you don't need auto insurance?

  1. Venice
  2. There are no cars or trucks in the entire city. In fact, the streets cannot even be called streets, as they are flooded. Everyone gets around on foot or by boat. Venice was founded by Roman refugees around 421 AD. They built their dwellings in the lagoon and marshes where they survived as fishermen. Today Venice is a major tourist destination. With no cars, there is no need for car insurance.

  3. Herm
  4. Herm is part of the Channel Islands between France and the UK. It is the smallest island in the chain. Herm is only half a mile across and roughly one and a half miles long. Its economy is highly dependent on tourism and travelers can get to and from the island by catamaran. Once on the island, guests will have to walk anywhere they wish to go just as the residents do. There are absolutely no cars on the island because the government banned them along with bicycles.

  5. Macinack Island
  6. This resort island in Michigan is covers almost four square miles. It features spectacular views of Lake Huron and is a popular destination for summer vacationers. Transport to the island is by boat or ferry. Bicycles are allowed and many of the 500 or so residents use them regularly. The tourists, however, seem to prefer the more traditional transportation of horse and buggy.

  7. La Cumbrecita
  8. This Argentine hamlet is situated in the Sierra Grandes. It has a population of less than 200 and was founded in 1933 by European immigrants. The Alpine-style architecture reflects the towns roots. In 1996, La Cumbrecita was declared to be a “Pedestrian Town” and has the expressed intent of becoming one of the world's premier eco-tourist destinations. Visitors are required to park their cars in lots provided outside the town and walk in. Visitors can receive permission from the town to camp overnight.

  9. Fes el Bali
  10. With more than 150,000 residents, Fes el Bali, Morocco is the most populous place in the world with absolutely no cars. UNESCO declared Fes el Bali a World Heritage Site in 1981. Fes el Bali was founded around 800 AD and the architecture still reflects its rich history. The markets are packed with merchants plying their wares to locals and tourists alike. While cars are not banned in Fes el Bali, the narrow medieval streets are to narrow for them to fit.

Miles Walker is a freelance writer who normally writes feature articles for He recently wrote about California car insurance.



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