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Don’t Trust A Car Insurance Company

Don’t Trust A Car Insurance Company
If you have been injured in a car crash you very likely are dealing with the stress of of dealing with insurance companies.  You may be dealing with getting your car fixed, or with trying to get your medical bills paid, or other accident-related issues.  While you go through this process, it is important to remember one very important thing: don’t trust an insurance company.

They Are Chiefly Concerned With Limiting Your Rights As Much As Possible

It is important to know that if someone injured you in a car crash, that person’s insurance company wants to get rid of your claim for as little money as possible.  The reason for that is once you hire a lawyer for your car crash, the insurance company will have to pay you a higher settlement.  That runs contrary to their ultimate objective: collecting policy holder premiums, rather then paying out money to deserving claimants.  To do this, they try a few different things.
They will try early and often to take a recorded statement from you.  Don’t ever give a recorded statement to an insurance company.  There is a reason they want to take your statement, and for it to be recorded.  They want to ask you questions that seem harmless, but which ultimately, only come back to haunt the claim.  Never give a recorded statement because it only helps them, and not you.
Second, they act very, very nice to you.  They want to earn your trust.  Don’t fall for it.  This is all designed to convince you to settle for as little as possible.  They may offer you $ 500, or $ 1000 to settle.  They will present you with a release to sign which, in exchange for the money, closes out the case, forever.  Don’t ever sign a release without speaking with a Boston car accident lawyer first.
Third, they will tell you not to hire a lawyer.  They will say there is no reason to hire a lawyer for your case.  Of course they don’t want you to hire a lawyer.  Because if you do hire a lawyer, they will end up paying you full and fair settlement compensation for your case.  Never listen when they say you don’t need a lawyer.

Hire a Boston Car Accident Attorney

If you had a crash and need a car accident lawyer in Boston to help you, contact the Earley Law Group today for your free consultation.  We only get paid if we win your case.  We hate when unsuspecting people are taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance adjusters.  Don’t trust an insurance company.

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